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Welcome Back sticky note on office workstation

Transitional Return-to-Work - What It Is and Why It Makes Sense

A formal transitional return-to-work program can help reduce workers’ compensation costs, lower your experience modification rating, and ensure injured workers are being treated in a consistent and fair manner while keeping valuable, trained individu...

General, Claims Management, Leadership and Management, Return-to-Work  •  July 20, 2022
Syringe inserted into Covid19 vaccine bottle.

Don’t Shoot (Down) The Messenger (RNA Vaccines)

The benefits of messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines far outweigh the risks when it comes to preventing COVID-19 transmission, if you stick to the facts and science, and avoid misinformation about vaccine safety and development.

General, Healthcare, Wellness  •  July 13, 2022
Painter sitting on ladder, talking on cellphone.

Attention Span Can Affect Safety Performance

Inattention and distraction in the workplace can lead to significant injuries. Safety teams and leadership can start by identifying the causes of inattention, distractions, or interruptions. Attention to hazards and the task at hand builds a safer wo...

General, Leadership and Management, Safety Programs, Slips, Trips & Falls  •  July 06, 2022
Man wearing PPE inspecting electrical outlet

No Shortcuts to Safety When Doing It Yourself

Facility managers should think carefully before performing non-routine tasks such as renovation and upgrade work at your place of business.

General, Manufacturing, Leadership and Management, OSHA, Safety Programs  •  June 29, 2022
Night time lightning strikes over a big city

Lack of Lightning Safety Could Mean One Strike and You're Out

Lightning strikes are an often overlooked hazard when working outdoors. Employers have an obligation to assess risks and create emergency plans to protect workers. Knowing more about lightning will help workers make smart decisions to protect themsel...

Construction, General, Logging, Transportation, Emergency Preparedness, Outdoor Safety  •  June 22, 2022
Motorcycle rider wearing helmet, giving thumbs up

See Motorcyclists in Your Drive for Safety

Workers who ride or share the road with motorcycles need to be aware of the increased risk of accidents. There are, however, many ways to improve road safety. “Look Twice, Save a Life” is a great practice for all drivers.

Transportation, General, Driving Safety  •  June 15, 2022
High-power electrical capacitors

Capacitors: It is Shocking What You May Not Know

The 2021 updates to the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) standards on electrical safety define necessary steps employers and employees must take to control electrical shock hazards associated with capacitors.

Manufacturing, Construction, Transportation, Electrical  •  June 08, 2022
Young worker

Labor Rules Protect Young Workers in Summer Jobs

Summer jobs are a rite of passage for youths seeking their first work experience. Employers must beware of Federal and State safety rules based on the type of work and the worker age.

General, Construction, Hospitality, Logging, Manufacturing, Services, Transportation, Hiring Practices, Youth Safety, OSHA, Safety Programs  •  June 01, 2022
Workers having safety meeting

Is Your Safety Incentive Program Discouraging?

Developing a culture of safety is a crucial step in reducing injuries. When creating a workplace safety incentive program, employers should focus on leading indicators that encourage safe employee behaviors rather than lagging indicators.

General, Leadership and Management, Safety Programs  •  May 25, 2022
Safety professional wearing PPE and using tablet

Safety At Work a Great Career Choice

Workers and managers in all industries have an opportunity to make a difference in the workplace by choosing a career as a safety management professional.

General, Manufacturing, Transportation, Construction, Retail, Education, Hospitality  •  May 18, 2022

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