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July 4 Fireworks Celebration over calm lake

July 4 Holiday Safety

A sure sign of summer, the Independence Day holiday is upon us, celebrating the day the 13 colonial delegates adopted the Declaration of Independence. It’s been a national holiday since 1941 and, this year, it falls on a Tuesday, giving many workers ...

General  •  June 28, 2023
First Call 24/7 Injury Triage by MEMIC

Never wait when injured with MEMIC’s First Call telehealth

As MEMIC injury data consistently shows, quick mobilization of a clinical assessment can prevent a minor injury from becoming complex, focuses attention on the wellness of the worker, and potentially saves hundreds of dollars in unnecessary or inappr...

Construction, Education, General, Healthcare, Hospitality, Logging, Manufacturing, Retail, Services, Ski, Transportation, Claims Management, Emergency Preparedness, Safety Programs  •  June 14, 2023
Construction worker wiping sweat from forehead during summer day

Addressing Heat Hazards is Still Pretty Cool

Proactive employers should look to develop and implement programs to protect their employees as OSHA shapes its National Emphasis Program (NEP) to protect employees from heat-related hazards in industries such as automotive, warehousing, manufacturin...

General, Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare, Transportation, OSHA  •  May 24, 2023
Women smiling and talking in office setting

Want to Enhance your Leadership? Work on your MBWA!

“Management by walking around” isn’t some fad management style; it’s a decades-old, mostly cost-free leadership technique that’s been proven to engage workers and to help them become active stakeholders in your safety initiatives.

General, Leadership and Management  •  April 12, 2023
Nurse assisting elderly patient with walking

Haste Not Helpful When Helping a Fallen Patient

To aid a person after they fall, the first instinct is to immediately help them up. But, if you can’t prevent a fall, you must take care not to cause injury, or worsen an existing injury, by assessing the situation before lifting the fallen person...

Healthcare, Safe Patient Handling & Mobility, OSHA  •  March 29, 2023
Immaculate commercial kitchen

Everything in Its Right Place

Workplace safety can be enhanced in any work environment with good housekeeping habits such as cleaning up spills, keeping aisles and exits clear, replacing worn, ripped, or damaged floors, eliminating snow, oil, or grease from floors...

Construction, Education, General, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail, Services, Transportation, Inspection, Leadership and Management, Safety Programs, Slips, Trips & Falls  •  March 15, 2023
Workplace violence papers and forms on an office desk

Resources Abound to Stem Increase in Workplace Assault

Violence is on the rise in the workplace, with assaults now the fifth leading cause of workplace deaths. This risk can be mitigated by establishing “zero tolerance” violence prevention policies with compliance via employee engagement...

General, Healthcare, Services, Hospitality, Education, Construction, Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation, Workplace Violence, Safety Programs  •  March 01, 2023
Factory workers having a daily safety meeting

Keeping Up with Safety Meetings Keeps Employees Happy

Although disrupted by the pandemic, holding regular safety committee meetings are an integral part of the safety culture at successful companies not only for the safety improvements, but also to promote employee engagement and satisfaction...

General, Leadership and Management, Safety Programs  •  February 16, 2023
Commercial plow truck driving on wintery roads

Don’t Skate Around Snow Removal Equipment

While most snow removal equipment is operated by skilled professionals, it is the responsibility of motorists and pedestrians to be aware of hazards around this equipment.

Transportation, General, Driving Safety, Outdoor Safety  •  February 01, 2023
Machine guards in place on factory equipment

Are Your Guards in Place? Quick Tips for Improving Machine Guarding Safety

When machine guards are used properly, they keep employees safe. But, too often, these tools that protect workers in a manufacturing setting are left in an open position, set aside, damaged, or unused.

General, Manufacturing, OSHA, Safety Programs, Leadership and Management  •  January 18, 2023

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