Safety Consultants

No matter the size or nature of your company, every MEMIC policy comes with our team of safety experts.

Maureen Anderson

Maureen Anderson - Safety Management Consultant, M.Sc., WACH, CPE

“Listening to clients is the most important tool of an Ergonomist. I understand ergonomics, but you are the experts in your business. It would be too easy for me to dictate changes that will reduce ergonomic risk factors, but if they don’...

Ergonomics ME, NH
Steve Badger

Stephen Badger - Safety Management Consultant, CSP, OHST, WCP®

“My basic belief concerning safety management is that it is always a work in-progress. It is one thing to write and implement a safety program, but a company needs to review and update their program regularly to keep it relevant to the workplac...

Construction, General ME
Richard Berthiaume

Richard Berthiaume - Safety Management Consultant

“If we think positively and act responsibly about safety, your employees will too, adding up to a positive atmosphere and culture in the workplace. No one wants to see a preventable injury, and putting in the time now helps reduce the chance th...

General, Construction ME

Thomas Brennan - Safety Management Consultant, ARM, CSP

“My approach to occupational safety is to first listen to my clients and learn as much as I can about their business, their operations, and challenges. I then look for ways to incorporate safety into their organizational culture. An effective s...

Manufacturing, Hospitality, Education, Schools, Healthcare NJ, PA
Allan Brown

Allan Brown - Director, Ergonomics, PT

"Each industry presents a unique set of risks and hazards, however the common factor in all these jobs is the human being. The road to success requires a collaborative effort and mutual respect. The road begins by listening to the people who do the w...

Ergonomics ME
Photo of Natalie Campaneria

Natalie Campaneria - Safety Management Consultant, PT, MPH, CSPHP

“My interest in injury prevention was born at an early age when my father sustained a career ending injury while working on the family farm. I was able to experience first- hand the impact an occupational injury has on the individual, family, a...

Healthcare, Ergonomics, Hospitality FL
Jennifer Campbell

Jennifer Campbell - Safety Management Consultant, WCP®

"Properly identifying loss sources and putting together a strong, effective action plan is the best way to reduce losses and the cost of workers’ compensation.  My goal is to work with each client to create a strong effective action plan a...

General, Healthcare MA, NY, VT
Lauren Caulfield

Lauren Caulfield - Loss Control Director, Atlantic Region

 “My mission is to assist the client in developing a strategic plan to eliminate sources of loss and to ensure that workers go home in the same condition as they arrived in. In doing so I make it my responsibility to understand my clients&...

Healthcare CT, NH, ME
Dan Clark

Dan Clark - Safety Management Consultant, CECD

"Every day I work with employers to show that safety and productivity are not opposing forces. In the end it takes much less time to do things right than it takes to explain why things went wrong. If you just depend on ‘common sense’ for ...

Construction, Healthcare, General, Transportation ME
David Darnley

Dave Darnley - Safety Management Consultant, MS, WCP®, CHSP, CSPHA

“By asking the right questions, assessing the current situation, and providing appropriate resources and assistance, we can help any policyholder reduce their total claims and workers’ compensation costs. It’s fun to be a part of th...

General, Healthcare, Ergonomics, Hospitality NY, PA