Alexis Flink

Manager, Loss Control, MS, OHST, WCP®, CSP

General, Ergonomics ME

"Behavioral based safety, efficiency, and knowledge of the body mechanics of a job are all keys to an effective and proactive safety management system for any company. It is key to develop a system that works for the entity as a whole, while still maintaining a focus on the employee’s personal safety as well as the safety of their fellow employees. 

Having a proactive approach to safety by creating an efficient system will remove unnecessary exposure to back strains and slip trip and fall hazards, while promoting employee productivity. Paying attention to the body mechanics of all job functions is an important part of running a program efficiently. This attention to detail can benefit both the employee and employer alike by decreasing fatigue and increasing the overall productivity of the business." 

Alexis has more than 15 years of experience in providing safety management in the insurance industry. She has worked in a variety of industries from hospitals and construction to non-profit organizations. In this time Alexis has worked in New England, the South, Southwest, and the Midwest. During her time in Tucson she worked a safety team on the hit show “Extreme Home Makeover”. Since 2005 she has been an active member of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP). She started in the student chapter of the ASSP while she was at the University of Maine. Soon after she joined, she went on to become a chapter secretary for the ASSP in Tucson Arizona, and later she went on to become a treasurer for the ASSP in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and was named the President of the Maine Chapter of the ASSP in 2018 and is now the National Administrator for the ASSP Consultants Practice Specialty group.

Alexis received both a B.S. in environmental health and safety from the University of Maine and an M.S. in occupational health and safety with a minor in Environmental Management from Columbia Southern University. Alexis holds multiple certifications from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals: Certified Safety Professional and Occupational Health and Safety Technologist. She obtained the Workers' Compensation Professional designation from AMCOMP.