Safer Hire: Pre-hire Screening for a Safer Workforce

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Every business owner understands that the key to success and stability lies in their employees. However, some businesses, particularly small to mid-sized ones, unknowingly jeopardize their success due to their hiring practices.

Hiring new employees can pose risks. Fortunately, there are proven methods to mitigate these risks and prevent hiring individuals who could endanger the safety, productivity, and profitability of the entire workforce. One effective method is pre-hire integrity testing.

Integrity testing helps to assess a job applicant’s inclination toward risky behaviors or resistance to safety training. By identifying these tendencies, the potential negative impact on the workplace can be significantly reduced, leading to fewer workers’ compensation claims and lowered costs.

Safer Hire offers a pre-hire behavioral survey that is scientifically designed to function as a pre-interview questionnaire, advancing the concept of traditional integrity testing assessments.

Proven Results

Published studies conducted by Safe Hire’s team of expert Industrial-Organizational Psychologists have demonstrated a significant reduction in counterproductive employee behaviors. Study participants have reported an average reduction in the following areas:

  • 42% fewer workers' comp claims
  • 15% lower workers' comp costs
  • 30% less employee turnover
  • 13% fewer at fault auto accidents

Key Features of Safer Hire's Service:

  • Quick completion in under 9 minutes
  • 24/7 online availability
  • EEOC compliance
  • Backed by validated studies
  • Offered in English and Spanish