Winter Safety

Winter Storm Warning sign
Safety alert in effect: employers and business owners from Maine to Western New York State should heavily and frequently sand and salt all sidewalks, pathways, stairs and parking lots— locations most often cited in slip-and-fall injuries—use extra caution while driving and walking, and wear appropriate footwear and traction enhancers.

Each season brings unique challenges to the workplace and Winter is no different. Slip and fall injuries, over-exertions when shoveling, vehicle accidents, and exposure related injuries all see an increase during the Winter. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS reported that in 2017, there were more than 20,000 occupational injuries due to snow, ice, and sleet. Outdoor workers shoulder the lion’s share of the risk, but even those who work primarily indoors can be exposed when driving or moving from building to building. Finally, Winter weather exposures don’t just exist at work, we all experience them at home when driving, shoveling snow, cleaning a roof, getting to the car, or carrying in groceries.


MEMIC has provided some resources to help you identify Winter weather risks and controls that can help keep you and your team safe. If you are insured by MEMIC, you have access to hundreds more resources from the MEMIC Safety Director—type “winter safety” in the search field.


Winter Slip & Fall SAFE Poster

Winter Walking Safety Poster

Snow Removal Safety Minute

Vehicle Entry and Egress Safety Minute