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Because safety is more than just a policy, practice, or personal protective equipment, the MEMIC Safety Experts Podcast hosted by Peter Koch will interview industry leaders every two weeks on the trends, tools, and techniques that are tried, tested, or emerging in the world of workplace safety. What you learn could save your life or the life of a friend or coworker, or at least save everyone from a few unnecessary cuts, burns and bruises. Thank you for your joining us in our mission to make work, and the world, a safer place.

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Get insights from industry leaders on the trends, tools, and techniques that are tried, tested, or emerging in the world of workplace safety.

Getting the most out of your pre-hiring process with Mark Walker and Luke Slabaugh from SaferHire
Episode #115 | Published March 11, 2024

Having the right hiring practices is critical for building an effective, productive, and safe team that will attract other quality candidates. In this episode of the MEMIC Safety Experts Podcast, I speak with Mark Walker and Luck Slabaugh of Safer Hire about using pre-hire surveys to identify applicants who best fit your company's needs and culture.

Slip Trip and Fall Prevention with Tim McCarty
Episode #114 | Published January 15, 2024

Slip and fall exposures exist everywhere and can easily be overlooked in the workplace until someone is injured.

Workplace Athletes with Kelly Feldkamp
Episode #113 | Published January 1, 2024

Work, no matter what the work can be physically taxing. That work can be at home in the yard or garden, working on the car or the place you live, or caring for kids and family. Or it can be in the workplace – in the office, on the factory floor, on the construction site, in the lab, or on the manufacturing line. No matter where it is, that work can be hard physically and mentally, the trades especially.

On this episode of the MEMIC Safety Experts Podcast, I'm joined by Kelly Feldkamp of ProVention Plus, a woman-owned family business that is passionate about helping people move and feel better.

Bath Iron Works and VR Training - How Maine's Shipbuilders are Safely Learning the Trades with Glen Hilt
Episode #112 | Published December 21, 2023

Many studies have been conducted to determine the efficacy of Virtual Reality (VR) as an educational tool. Results indicate that learning in a VR environment leads to higher rates of retention and recall when compared to computer-based learning. These engaging and controlled environments also allow tradespeople to gain experience in a safe, and cost-effective manner while simultaneously developing requisite skills and muscle memory.

On this episode of the MEMIC Safety Experts Podcast, I sit down with Glen Hilt of Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine, as we discuss how they are training the next generation of shipbuilders using this new, cutting-edge technology.

Hearing Safely with Tyler Hadley
Episode #111 | Published November 20, 2023

Noise in the workplace can be dangerous. A loud environment can cause problems ranging from difficulties concentrating and stress to hearing damage and poor decisions. Controlling noise through engineering controls such as dampening, absorption, or isolation and help reduce injuries and increase productivity.

My 5 Whys - Getting Safety Buy-In with Maryann Hoff
Episode #110 | Published November 9, 2023

Maryann Hoff, MEMIC’s Vice President of Loss Control discusses how industry and safety professionals need to better understand the why behind a safe workplace and breaks it down into the Five Whys of Safety Commitment.

Do You Hear What I Hear? Hearing Loss Can be Prevented, but No One is Listening
Episode #109 | Published October 23, 2023

According to the CDC, 22 million American workers are exposed to noise levels above 85 decibels at work every year and 30 million workers are exposed to chemicals that can be ototoxic. Add to that the 48 million Americans currently experiencing hearing loss to one degree or another and the stats paint a grim picture. Noise Mapping, Sound Level Meters, audiometric testing, PPE, and hearing conservation programs are tools to help identify and control workplace noise exposure.

The Future of Ergonomics with Maureen Anderson
Episode #108 | Published October 9, 2023

Maureen Anderson, MEMIC’s Manager of Ergonomics discusses ergonomic risk factors and controls, body mechanics, assessment tools, and how future technology may shape our process for creating ergonomic solutions.

Young Worker Injury Prevention
Episode #107 | Published September 25, 2023

A team from the Maine Department of Labor discusses the overall challenge of young worker safety, what might be driving the injuries, and strategies for business to prevent them.

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