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Because safety is more than just a policy, practice, or personal protective equipment, the MEMIC Safety Experts Podcast hosted by Peter Koch will interview industry leaders every two weeks on the trends, tools, and techniques that are tried, tested, or emerging in the world of workplace safety. What you learn could save your life or the life of a friend or coworker, or at least save everyone from a few unnecessary cuts, burns and bruises. Thank you for your joining us in our mission to make work, and the world, a safer place.

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Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge – How to effect choice architecture in safety
Behavioral economics looks at how the decisions we make are influenced by our human cognitive processes.  While there are many ways to impact choices, social marketing and nudging are two that can be implemented on the workplace safety front.
Episode #89 | January 16, 2023

OSHA Recordkeeping Updates with Stephen Badger
The year is coming to a close and if you haven’t already, you, or someone at your company should be preparing to update your OSHA log and generate your OSHA 300a summary to post at your establishments.
Episode #88 | January 6, 2023

Patterns of Movement for the Industrial Athlete with Dr. Trent Nessler - Part 2
Non-impact musculoskeletal injuries from overexertion cost billions of dollars each year. New data is showing that better core activation and pelvic stability increases performance and reduces knee, back, and shoulder pain in firefighters.
Episode #87 | December 19, 2022

Patterns of Movement for the Industrial Athlete with Dr. Trent Nessler - Part 1
Non-impact musculoskeletal injuries from overexertion cost billions of dollars each year. New data is showing that better core activation and pelvic stability increases performance and reduces knee, back, and shoulder pain in firefighters.
Episode #86 | December 5, 2022

The Future of Respiratory Protection with Chad Wedding
Choosing the right respirator is not simple as the act of taking a breath, but it will make breathing easier if you do it right. 
Episode #85 | November 21, 2022

Data Driven Safety Leadership with Gary Bonnet
On this episode, I sit down with Gary Bonnet, Head of Customer Engagement at SafetyCulture, and chat about how data can help identify leading indicators that could lead to proactive and effective safety solutions around the workplace.
Episode #84 | November 7, 2022

Spooky Safety and Killer Causes
Inattentive blindness, complacency, and the OSHA’s Fatality Inspection Data.  What could make a Halloween episode more scary?
Episode #83 | October 24, 2022

Send in the Drones - How Drones are Used to Keep Workers Safe - Part 2
On today’s episode, Part Two of Send in the Drones, I continue the conversation with Dr. Wanda Minnick, Dr. Tracey Cekada, and Dr. John Benhart, from Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Safety Sciences and Geography and Planning Departments about how drones are being used in the workplace to enhance worker safety.
Episode #82 | October 10, 2022

Send in the Drones - How Drones are Used to Keep Workers Safe
Many companies have state of the art solutions for communications, productivity, and as safety professionals or as managers and supervisors, it’s time push the boundaries of our safety solutions bag of tricks and consider the feasibility and appropriateness of implementing new technology.
Episode #81 | September 26, 2022

Logging Safety - The Hazards are Closer than you Think with Erika Scott
Trees, terrain, weather, equipment, you name it. Any combination of these can conspire to put the logger in harm’s way. There is some new evidence that these traditional hazards might not be the only things killing loggers today and the results of these new studies may surprise you.
Episode #80 | September 12, 2022

Labor Day and Workplace Safety
Most people consider Labor Day as the official last hurrah before kids return to school full time.  However, the history of Labor Day in the US and is tied to workplace safety past, present, and future.
Episode #79 | August 29, 2022

OSHA 10-Hour Video Conference Training with Laurie Nolt, Justin Banks, and Randy Morehouse
On today’s episode I have Laurie Nolt, Justin Banks, and Randy Morehouse,  Safety Management Consultants here at MEMIC to discuss MEMIC’s journey into video conference versions of the OSHA 10hr class, what they do to keep the learners engaged, and tips to get the most out of the one you attend.
Episode #78 | August 15, 2022

Heat Stress Prevention with Tom Bernard (re-air)
Heat stress is no joke.  Exposure to excessive heat and working in hot environments can cause Heat Exhaustion, Heat Cramps, and even Heat Stroke. The stress that heat puts on the body can be deadly if not identified and addressed. 
Episode #77 | August 1, 2022

OSHA 10-Hour Training with Stephen Badger and Richard Berthiaume
Whether it is required by your state or a contractor you’re working with, or because want to expand your team’s knowledge of workplace safety and how to identify and control hazards, an OSHA 10hr class just might fit the bill.
Episode #76 | July 18, 2022

4th of July Food Safety with Natalie Campaneria
The 4th of July is time for families, friends, and good food.  However, stats predict that many of us will be finishing our holiday celebrations in the bathroom or worse yet, in the ER.  
Episode #75 | July 1, 2022

Motion is Lotion - When Good Movement Is Not Possible with Clayton Cartwright
Sometimes life gets in the way, and now matter how well you planned, designed, or trained, you will be faced with moments where, at least on the surface, it’s not possible to put into play picture-perfect ergonomics.
Episode #74 | June 20, 2022

Movement May Be Good, but Good Movement is Better with Clayton Cartwright
Clayton Cartwright returns to the MEMIC studio for the 2nd installment of our three-part series on the benefits of movement and proper ergonomics.
Episode #73 | June 6, 2022

Motion is Lotion – Movement is Good for You with Clayton Cartwright
From driving to channel surfing, to working in an office, most of us can use more movement in our lives. That movement is one key element to a healthy life and a safe workplace.
Episode #72 | May 23, 2022

Leadership and the Human Connection with Randy Klatt
According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace Report, 51% of the U.S. workforce is not engaged. These employees can make the difference between success and failure.
Episode #71 | May 9, 2022

This Ain't Your Grandpa’s Diesel – Dangers of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel with Andy Wood
The diesel fuel purchased and used for most on and off-road applications has changed substantially over the years. The removal of sulfur and other substances in the refinement process has made it more ecologically friendly and allow it burns cleaner when combined with modern diesel engines.  But these changes have also introduced hazards and exposures that may not be on your radar.
Episode #70 | April 25, 2022

Fit for Work? How Hard Can It Be? With Dr. Phil Finemore
Quality of life and injury prevention are other ways to express health and safety.  They are inherently connected by physical fitness and intentional preparation.
Episode #69 | April 11, 2022

Lesson Learned – COVID and the Commercial Construction Site with Jason Beam - Part 2
The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world in many ways over the last two years. From our homes to our workplaces, and everywhere in between, we have all faced challenges that require us to live, work, and think just a little bit differently.
Episode #68 | March 28, 2022

Lesson Learned – COVID and the Commercial Construction Site with Jason Beam - Part 1
The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world in many ways over the last two years. From our homes to our workplaces, and everywhere in between, we have all faced challenges that require us to live, work, and think just a little bit differently.
Episode #67 | March 14, 2022

Tire Servicing Safety: Don't Reinvent The Wheel! With Andy Wood - Part 2
In the conclusion of this two-part Tire Safety episode with Andy Wood, we dive deeper into preventing tire-related injuries, and how we can keep ourselves safe when handling, changing, or servicing a tire.
Episode #66 | February 28, 2022

Tire Servicing Safety: Don’t Reinvent The Wheel! with Andy Wood - Part 1
Tire Servicing Safety is often overlooked unless it’s your full-time job. Hazards from lifting and repositioning a heavy tire in an awkward position or being struck by a falling or exploding tire are all common exposures for workers serving tires in the shop or in the field.
Episode #65 | February 14, 2022

The Power of a Safety Brand with Nancy Marshall
A company's brand is its identity, and it is one of the most valued parts of your business. When brand is done right, it influences what happens inside a company as well how people on the outside perceive it.
Episode #64 | January 31, 2022

Situational Awareness and Forktruck Camera Systems with Chris Burns
According to the National Safety Council, forklifts were the source of 79 work related fatalities and 8,140 non-fatal injuries involving days away from work in 2019 alone. 
Episode #63 | January 17, 2022

Testing our Safety Resolve
The word resolution implies a steadfast intent to succeed or change something.  While this may be true for the New Year, the word is better used to describe the movement or change between things. 
Episode #62 | January 3, 2022

A Breath of Fresh Air - Steve Badger on Respiratory Protection
Choosing the wrong respirator can have deadly consequences. The results could be immediately fatal or lead to a long-term debilitating disease or condition.
Episode #61 | December 20, 2021

How’s your MEWPs?  The skinny on the changes to the Mobile Elevated Work Platform standards with Joe Gagne
Called by many different names: Man lifts, boom lifts, cherry picker, scissor lift, or bucket truck, mobile elevated work platforms are everywhere.  They are replacing the traditional ways people work have worked at height.
Episode #60 | December 6, 2021

Giving Thanks for Safety – What to do with leftovers?
Staying safe around the holidays is important and the hazards around the Thanksgiving holiday can pose different challenges. Distracted driving, food poisoning, and burns are the three most frequent causes of injuries during the Thanksgiving holiday period.
Episode #59 | November 22, 2021

Protection at the Edge -  How your fall protection equipment can let you down with David Kozlowsky
According to the National Safety Council, following highway crashes, falls to a lower level is the third leading fatal workplace event and the fifth leading event resulting in cases with days away from work.
Episode #58 | November 8, 2021

Small Business Safety Leadership - Elise Brown and Brian Schortz
According to the US Small business Administration, 99 percent of firms in the US are small business and according to JP Morgan Chase, the vast majority, nearly 88%, have fewer than 20 employees.
Episode #57 | October 25, 2021

The Flat Roof Dilemma - When is Fall Protection Required with David Kozlowsky
According to BLS data, workplace fatalities from falls to a lower level were up from 615 on 2018 to 711 in 2019. 
Episode #56 | October 11, 2021

Motivated for Safety? Are your business objectives aligned with your team’s needs?
When it comes to workplace safety, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs can shed light on why you can’t gain real traction in developing your safety culture.
Episode #55 | September 27, 2021

Moments Make the Leader with Patrick Nelson
In 2005, Patrick Nelson, while serving in the US Army paratroops, had an experience that changed his life and his perspective on being a leader.
Episode #54 | September 13, 2021

How Workplace Safety Influenced Labor Day - Celebrating the American Worker with Randy Klatt
Back in 1892, President Grover Cleveland signed a law making the first Monday in September of each year the Labor Day holiday.  Do you know the history and the struggle of the American worker that pre-dates this historic day?
Episode #53 | August 30, 2021

Revoked EUAs with Stephen Badger
In June 2021, the FDA revoked its Emergency Use Authorization for Filtering Facepiece Respirators.  Learn what an EUA is and how it affects the use of non-NIOSH approved N-95 respirator in healthcare.
Episode #52 | August 16, 2021

Don’t Be A Slouch – How Posture Affects Health and Longevity with Al Brown
On this episode of the MEMIC Safety Experts Podcast, Al Brown, MEMIC’s Director of Ergonomics takes a look at slouching, how it affects your health and some strategies for prevention.
Episode #51 | August 2, 2021

OSHA’s Top 10 and How they can Affect your Safety Program with Stephen Badger
In 2020, Fall protection was once again, number one of OSHA’s Top Ten most frequently cited standards.
Episode #50 | July 19, 2021

Top 5 Causes of Injury During July 4th Weekend
According to the Pew Research Center, during July 4 and 5 more than 90,000 people visit hospital emergency rooms for treatment of injuries sustained during the holiday.
Episode #49 | July 2, 2021

Preventing Heat Stress in the Workplace with Tom Bernard
Heat stress is no joke.  Exposure to excessive heat and working in hot environments can cause Heat Exhaustion, Heat Cramps, and even Heat Stroke. The stress that heat puts on the body can be deadly if not identified and addressed.
Episode #48 | June 21, 2021

All Hands on Deck with Al Brown
In 2018, BLS data shows hand, wrist, and finger injuries comprise more than 43% of all upper extremity injuries that caused days away from work.  On this episode of the MEMIC Safety Experts Podcast, Al Brown, MEMIC’s Director of Ergonomics takes a look hand injuries causes and some strategies for prevention including MEMIC’s E-Ergo™️️ tool, use of gloves, and tool and workplace design.
Episode #47 | June 7, 2021

Industrial Athletes with Al Brown and Clayton Cartwright
Workers today face many physical challenges, from a demanding pace to heavy loads and static postures.  While the demands may not be at the same level as a professional athlete, a certain level of fitness and preparation is necessary for any worker to stay healthy or recover if an injury does occur.
Episode #46 | May 24, 2021

Getting Under the Surface of Slip and Fall Injuries with Patrick Dooley
In 2019 the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported there were 190,000 slip and fall events that resulted in time away from work.  60% of those were falls on the same surface.
Episode #45 | May 10, 2021

Implementing Proper Fall Protection with David Kozlowsky
Falls in the workplace are one of the leading causes of serious injuries and fatalities.  Citations around the OSHA standards for fall protection have made the top 10 most frequently cited OSHA standards for the last decade.
Episode #44 | April 26, 2021

Distracted Driving Prevention - The Excellent Driver Dilemma with Greg LaRochelle
Stats from 2019 and 2020 show more than a 20% increase in driving related fatalities, the highest it’s been in more than 10 years.  Many of those fatal accidents are caused by a momentary or possibly habitual lack of attention to the roadway environment.  What is driving us to distraction when in the car?
Episode #43 | April 12, 2021

OSHA and Workplace Injury Prevention with Gary Orr
Beginning in 1971, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA has been a key partner with business and employees for workplace safety.  Health and Safety Standards development, inspections, citations, education, and training are all part of how OSHA works to keep American’s safe.
Episode #42 | March 29, 2021

Integrating Safety Programs with Joe Collura and Dave Darnley
Safety integration is a term tossed around in most industries. But not all companies have it wired. Integrating safety is not just making safety THE priority, but by recognizing it as “a living breathing thing”. Something that you need to feed and care for as your business changes, as exposures change, and as your employee team shifts.
Episode #41 | March 15, 2021

Safety first? Safety Third? Safety all the time with Randy Klatt and Greg LaRochelle
When something goes wrong in the workplace, who is responsible for the safety of the worker? Safety should be the priority, right?  Who’s priority?  What level of priority?  Should it be a higher priority for the manager or supervisor than the employee?
Episode #40 | March 1, 2021

Introducing the MEMIC Safety Research Center with Mike Bourque and Luis Pieretti
MEMIC CEO Mike Bourque and Industrial Hygiene Manager Luis Pieretti discuss the launch, and long-term goals of the new MEMIC Safety Research Center.
Episode #39 | February 15, 2021

Leg, Muscle, and Knee Safety with Al Brown
Studies show that our work has shifted from a 50/50 balance between sedentary and active work to 80% sedentary and 20% active.  Overall that shift has led to a negative effect on our general health and in particular, our knees.
Episode #38 | February 1, 2021

Leadership and Ownership with Randy Klatt
On this episode of the MEMIC Safety Experts Podcast, Randy Klatt, Director of Region 1 Loss Control for MEMIC and I talk about how a leader can incorporate safety into any business using the concepts outlined in the book, “Extreme Ownership, How Navy Seals Lead and Win” by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin.
Episode #37 | January 18, 2021

A Fraction on Seasonal Safety
Festivities during the holiday time tend to increase the number of hazards we are exposed to.  We set up decorations, hang lights, bake, depending on the industry, put in more hours at work, and overall burn the candle at both ends just to get it all done so we can relax and ring in the new year.
Episode #36 | January 4, 2021

Shouldering the Load with Al Brown
According to a new study published in Human Factors, shoulder injuries cost industry in western countries $29 Billion dollars a year.
Episode #35 | December 21, 2020

The Abilene Paradox with Randy Klatt
In 1977, Jerry B. Harvey, professor of management science at George Washington University, outlines the Abilene Paradox which describes how the inability to properly manage agreement can be an indication of dysfunction within an organization.
Episode #34 | December 7, 2020

A Fraction on Friction: 37 Degrees
Slip and fall injuries always increase in the fall and the winter months.  Especially during those weather days when there are rapid or significant temperature changes.
Episode #33 | November 23, 2020

One Path Forward - American Society of Safety Professionals with Deb Roy and Alexis Flink
The road to becoming a safety professional can take many directions.  Certifications like CSP, ASP, or OHST, experience in a particular field, or assumed responsibilities on a job can all lead to a career as a safety professional.
Episode #32 | November 9, 2020

Seasonal Farm Worker Safety with Lisa Tapert
Many of our migrant and seasonal farm workers bring with them similar baseline health issues as their local counterparts. Combine this with language, cultural, and transportation barriers you have a particularly challenging problem.
Episode #31 | October 26, 2020

Opioids in the Workplace with Shelby Pedersen
Opioid addiction and use in the workplace have been on the rise in the US.  Employers should have a solid opioid prevention and response plan in place if their circumstances warrants.
Episode #30 | October 12, 2020

Keeping America's Aging Workforce Safe with Al Brown
Americans are staying at work longer than any other time in our industrial history. This brings numerous benefits as well as unique challenges to employers across the country.
Episode #29 | September 28, 2020

Indoor Air Quality with Luis Pieretti
Understanding some basic concepts around air movement, ventilation system, off gassing, and fresh air vs re-circulation can help you identify potential problem areas in your facility.
Episode #28 | September 14, 2020

Safety in the Commercial Kitchen with David Darnley
Peter speaks with David Darnley, Safety Management Consultant at MEMIC about hazards in the kitchen and strategies to integrate safety into the fast paced workflow of the restaurant business.
Episode #27 | August 31, 2020

Chainsaw Safety Tips and Training with Andy Wood
Chainsaw safety is more than just a pair of chaps and safety glasses. The PPE is only there to help reduce the effect of the mistake you make.
Episode #26 | August 17, 2020

Safe Patient Handling Part 2 with Laurette Wright and Rob Sylvester
From slips and falls and musculoskeletal injuries to quality of care issues, safe patient handling and mobility poses challenges to caregivers across the world.
Episode #25 | August 3, 2020

SMART Goals with Randy Klatt
When a workplace injury happens, it is an indication that something within the organization didn’t function the way it was supposed to.
Episode #24 | July 20, 2020

Tick Bite Prevention and Care with Andy Wood
Ticks live in grassy, brushy, or wooded spaces, or on animals themselves and can carry germs that can cause serious and sometimes fatal disease. 
Episode #23 | July 6, 2020

Preparing for End of Life Dementia Care with Dr. Heather McKay
Understanding the signs that accompany the disease, especially those in the later stages, will help improve quality of life, end of life choices, and the relationships of the people it affects.
Episode #22 | June 22, 2020

How to Manage Injury Claims with Jared Payton
As a business owner, supervisor, or manager, you have identified hazards and exposures, created and implemented controls, hired good people, trained them, and now expect the best from them.
Episode #21 | June 8, 2020

Safe Patient Handling Part 1 with Lauren Caulfield
Assisting and moving patients happens hundreds if not thousands of times a day in each care facility or home depending on its size and capacity
Episode #20 | May 25, 2020

Fit for Work with Dr. Delia Roberts
Now more than ever, worker health is a key part to any successful business. Beyond the obvious connection to lost work time, healthy workers tend to be happier, produce more, and can be safer on the job.
Episode #19 | May 11, 2020

Social Distancing with Kevin Roche
Many of us haven’t heard of the term until the current novel coronavirus pandemic. However, this isn’t a new tool at all.
Episode #18 | April 27, 2020

Hand Safety with Joey Geng
The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports in 2018 the goods and service producing industries had a hand injury incidence rate of 30.8 per ten thousand full time workers.
Episode #17 | April 13, 2020

Crisis Communication with Michael Bourque
Crisis can bring about interesting times, and it’s in times of crisis when, as employers and leaders, you need to step back, be sure you are focused on the right priorities, and then lean in to support your team.
Episode #16 | March 30, 2020

Are You Prepared? Violence in the American Workplace with Rob Sylvester
Workplace violence is not a traditional hazard like a piece of machinery, repetitive motion, heavy lifting, falls, or confined spaces. It’s a threat from co-workers or as OSHA defines it, clients, customers and even visitors to the workplace.
Episode #15 | March 16, 2020

Infection Control and Prevention with Debra Willard Webb
Infection control and prevention are always in the news during flu season, but this year we have a new player that is causing more than a stir in the world today, the novel or newest corona virus, Covid-19.
Episode #14 | March 10, 2020

Machine Guarding with Hartley Webb
According to OSHA’s Machine guarding eTool, there are over 18,000 injuries and 800 deaths each year attributed to worker exposure to unguarded or inadequately guarded machines.
Episode #13 | March 2, 2020

A Fraction on Friction: Outdoor Slip and Fall Prevention with Pete Koch
On the surface, preventing Slip and Fall events outdoors may seem like a pretty simple topic to address, but unlike preventing slips and falls inside, the outdoor environment adds a level of complexity to the problem.
Episode #12 | February 17, 2020

Office Ergonomics with Maureen Anderson
Office ergonomics is not just about your mouse or your keyboard or your chair.  It’s an integrated look at all the factors; human, environmental, and equipment, which affect how we work at a desk.
Episode #11 | February 3, 2020

Engaging Safety with Lorraine Serva
Employee engagement is not happiness or even job satisfaction. It is the emotional commitment an employee has to the organization and its goals. It means they care about the work.
Episode #10 | January 20, 2020

Up your NEAT with Allan Brown
Do you sit all, or most of the day?  Are you more tired, and sore after getting out of your office chair than you are after a workout?
Episode #9 | January 6, 2020

Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention with Maureen Anderson
Take your center of mass and put it outside your base of support and what do you get?  Well, you could get better acquainted with the ground at best, and at worst you could have a life altering fall.
Episode #8 | December 23, 2019

Winter Driving Safety with Randy Klatt
Every time winter comes around, the number of traffic accidents increases. MEMIC Loss Control Director Randy Klatt shares how you can drive to save lives, time and money, despite the conditions around you and the actions of others.
Episode #7 | December 9, 2019

Holiday Safety Fails and Fixes: Preventing Electrical Fires with Hartley Webb
Every holiday season, EMS teams respond to hundreds of house fires, electrical burns, falls from height, and decorating or party related problems.
Episode #6 | November 25, 2019

Putting People at the Center of Work: Industrial Ergonomics with Allan Brown
Does your back hurt? Is work literally a pain in your neck? Find out from MEMIC’s Director of Ergonomics Allan Brown if workplace ergonomics could be the culprit to some of your most common aches and pains.
Episode #5 | November 11, 2019

Living with Dementia: A Caregiver’s Guide with Dr. Heather McKay
The Alzheimer's Association estimates that 16 million Americans provide unpaid care to people with dementia-related diseases.
Episode #4 | November 11, 2019

Seasonal Workforce Challenges and Solutions with Deb Roy
Ever wonder how the best companies gear up for their busy season? Concerned about how to keep your staff safe when production demands rise? Can your hiring practices keep pace with the demand for employees?
Episode #3 | November 11, 2019

Maine Miracle: How MEMIC Changed Workplace Culture with Michael Bourque
You might be thinking about how you can improve the safety culture at your workplace, but from the start MEMIC had to change the workplace culture of an entire state. 
Episode #2 | November 11, 2019

Safety Leadership: Walking the Walk with Randy Klatt
What does it take to be a leader and motivate a group of people to accomplish a common goal? How do you build credibility and develop trust with your team? Are you able to communicate with humility so it’s not about you but about the overall mission?
Episode #1 | November 11, 2019

Called by many different names: Man lifts, boom lifts, cherry picker, scissor lift, or bucket truck, mobile elevated work platforms are everywhere.  They are replacing the traditional ways people work have worked at height. 

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