How Claims Are Handled
If you've been given formal notification that a complaint has been filed against you, report the claim as soon as possible. The sooner our legal professionals can intervene, the better chance they have to improve the outcome of the case.

Three Ways to File a Claim

  1. Call 1-877-310-3343
  2. Email
  3. Fax 207-482-4176

Practice Early Intervention
Do you have knowledge of an event or situation that could become a formal complaint against you? Has someone indicated that he or she is planning to file an employment-related complaint or lawsuit against you or your business?

Call 1-877-310-3343 to report this situation. Early intervention by legal professionals can greatly reduce the likelihood that the situation will become a formal complaint. If the situation does rise to the level of a lawsuit, our legal team will be prepared to react quickly.


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