Choosing MEMIC

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From financial strength and experience to service and national reach, we make our agency partners look good by keeping their customers happy.

Financially Strong - We're "A" (Excellent)

The MEMIC Group is rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best and holds assets of more than a billion dollars. Our prudent financial management means you can trust us to meet our promises for the long term.

95% Policyholder Retention - Consistent Staying Power

Once policyholders choose MEMIC, they know they made the right choice. And they prove it by keeping their renewal business with us, year after year.

Industry Focus

MEMIC’s safety programs and claim management programs lend themselves well to fixed location exposures. Our underwriting approach is to maximize our service strengths, therefore we focus on industry groups such as:

  • Manufacturing: machine shops, food products, plastic products
  • Healthcare: skilled nursing homes, assisted living, hospitals, physician’s offices and clinics
  • Hospitality: hotels (franchise and independent), restaurants, resorts and clubs, country clubs
  • Education: private K-12 schools and colleges
  • Retail: grocery stores, large retail, small business with multiple franchise locations
  • Professional and Financial Services: attorney offices, banks and credit unions, consultants

Nationally Licensed Carrier

MEMIC is able to write workers’ compensation insurance in every non-monopolistic state plus D.C. Already among the top 5 workers’ comp insurers in New England, The MEMIC Group is growing fast. For each of the last three years the company has grown annually by 30% in its targeted growth areas along the Eastern Seaboard to Florida.

Commitment to Service - We Deliver on Our Promise

  • Claim Management: Our brand of compassionate claim management helps get workers well and back to work quickly. We also are diligent in medical treatment management, medication oversight and fraud and abuse protocols. We believe fair treatment of all stakeholders supports a strong workers’ compensation system. 
  • Safety Expertise: Since our very beginning, MEMIC’s team of experienced safety management specialists have been in the field, helping policyholders understand and mitigate the risks in their workplace. These industry-specific experts conduct more than 1,000 safety workshops for more than 18,000 participants to help customers develop practical solutions that put best practices to work for them and their employees.

Quick Facts

  • A.M. Best Rated
    "A" (Excellent)
  • President and CEO
    Michael Bourque
  • Employees
  • Policyholders
    More than 22,000
  • 2019 written premium
    $410 million
  • Headquarters
    Portland, ME
    Manchester, NH
    Albany, NY
    Glastonbury, CT
    Weehawken, NJ 
    West Conshohocken, PA
    Tysons Corner, VA
    Tampa, FL

MEMIC Rated "A" (Excellent) by A.M. Best

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