Claim Benefit Payments

As a compassionate insurer, ensuring the prompt payment of your claim benefit payments is our top priority.

MEMIC has partnered with One Inc — the leading digital payments network for the insurance industry — to process and disburse payments to injured workers via the ClaimsPay® platform.

With ClaimsPay®, you can get your benefit payments the same day your payment is authorized via these digital options:

  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Direct to Card
  • Direct Deposit

How it Works

If you are eligible for benefit payments, you will receive an enrollment email from One Inc with more instructions for selecting your payment method. If we do not have a valid personal email address and phone number on file, you will receive your payment by check.

If MEMIC does not have a valid personal email and phone number on file, all payments will be sent by check.

Please note: EFT/ACH payments are not available with ClaimsPay®. If you were receiving EFT/ACH payments before MEMIC switched to ClaimsPay® can continue to receive payments electronically by following the instructions in the email from One Inc to enroll in ClaimsPay® and select your preferred electronic payment method (either Direct to Debit or Direct Deposit). If we do not have a valid personal email and phone number on file, payments will be sent by check.

After initial the initial ClaimsPay® enrollment, whenever a benefit payment is due to you from MEMIC, it will be delivered via your preferred payment method.

Please contact our Claim Support team at 800-660-1306, ext. 2288.


Note: MEMIC benefit payments are issued on a weekly basis and are tax free.