Safety Consultants

No matter the size or nature of your company, every MEMIC policy comes with our team of safety experts.

Greg LaRochelle

Greg LaRochelle - Safety Management Consultant, MS, WCP®

“Effective communication is vital to a successful safety program:  It is a two-way street that flows from management to employees, emphasizing how seriously it is committed to ensuring a safe, hazard-free workplace and from employees to ma...

General, Ergonomics, Healthcare ME
Adam Levesque

Adam Levesque - Safety Management Consultant, MBA, CSP

"Leadership is key to developing and sustaining a safe and healthy workplace. Without top management support and active participation, a true safety culture cannot exist. I believe that there are three pieces that must be managed in order to achieve ...

General, Manufacturing, Schools MA, NH
Christina Michaud

Christina Michaud - Safety Management Consultant, LPN, WCP®

“Healthcare and safety are two very important aspects of my life.  I come from a family of nurses who have instilled in me that caring for our community is a privilege and a duty.  I have dedicated my life to improving the health of m...

Healthcare, General ME
Randy Morehouse

Randy Morehouse - Safety Management Consultant, WCP®

“Sustained excellence in safety is within reach of any organization that passionately pursues it. The foundation of a robust safety culture must begin with the wholehearted, participative commitment of top leadership. When that commitment is co...

General, Manufacturing, Hospitality NY
Esther Murray

Esther Murray - Safety Management Consultant, RN, MSN, COHNs, CSPHP

“Safe Patient Handling has become a mission, a passion and the challenge of my career. A mission to assist employers to make the workplace safer for both employee and patient. A passion to help direct caregivers think about their work different...

Healthcare NJ, NY
Barrett Parks

Barrett Parks - Safety Management Consultant

"Mechanized logging has become incredibly technical. As the pool of qualified workers continues to shrink, it becomes imperative that contractors retain their existing workforce. It is both morally and economically important that everyone leaves work...

Logging ME
Luis Pieretti

Luis Pieretti - Manager Industrial Hygiene, PhD, CIH, CSP, WCP®

“Every company needs to protect their most valuable asset—their employees. When a company seeks to fully integrate safety into everyday processes and not as a set of rules that they ‘have to do’; it is truly when a safety cult...

General, Industrial Hygiene AL, FL, GA
Karl Siegrfried

Karl Siegfried - Senior Vice President Loss Control & Safety Services, MS, CECD, WCP®

“The most effective way to control injury costs is through injury prevention. That is what I find so exciting about ergonomics. When companies take a proactive approach to their injury-reduction efforts, positive gains are realized.  Stopp...

Ergonomics, General ME, NH
Tony Soares

Tony Soares - Safety Management Consultant, MS, CSP, CHMM, CSHE, WCP®

“I believe that safety is more than just following procedures. Safety is good judgment; it’s the consideration for one’s own welfare, the consideration for one’s family, friends and co-workers welfare. Safety is the understand...

General, Healthcare CT, NJ, NY
Rod Stanley

Rod Stanley - Loss Control Director, Region I, WCP®

“In the twenty-first century workplace, safety is as important to the bottom line as productivity and quality.  Workers who are insecure about their safety typically produce less, and what they do produce, is often of a lower-quality. &nbs...

Shipbuilding, Construction, General ME