Safety Consultants

No matter the size or nature of your company, every MEMIC policy comes with our team of safety experts.

Beth Stowell

Beth Stowell - Safety Management Consultant, MS, MPH, COHN-S, CHSP, CHMM

Beth has more than 20 years of experience in health/safety and occupational medicine. She specializes in services to the healthcare and ski industries. Beth has developed and implemented safety management procedures that yield safer work practices an...

Healthcare, General, Ergonomics ME
Rob Sylvester

Rob Sylvester - Safety Management Consultant, CSPHA, CEHT, WCP®

“There is no doubt that proper claims management is invaluable. However, the real return on investment is in the prevention of injuries. By ensuring we have a safe work force and accountability at all levels of leadership, we can ensure we will...

General, Healthcare, Ergonomics NY
Daniel Thebeault

Daniel Thibeault - Safety Management Consultant

Dan has eight years of experience as a safety professional that includes working for one of the largest industrial construction general contractors on the east coast. During that time he implemented comprehensive safety and health programs on several...

Construction, General ME
Scott Valorose

Scott Valorose - Loss Control Manager, Northeast Region, CPE, CSP, WCP®

Scott has provided ergonomics and safety-related consultative services for over 17 years in various industries. Prior to joining MEMIC, Scott assisted his own clients in reducing their ergonomic-related losses and also worked for two nationally recog...

General, Healthcare, Ergonomics CT, MA, ME, NH, NY, VT
Hartley Webb

Hartley Webb - Safety Management Consultant, CSP, CHST

Hartley has worked in industrial settings for many years and understands the importance and benefits that a well-developed and well-implemented safety program can provide. His work often focuses on training for supervisors and middle managers, the po...

General, Construction ME
Alexis Westin

Alexis Westin - Safety Management Consultant, MS, CSP, OHST, ASP, WCP®

"Behavioral based safety, efficiency, and knowledge of the body mechanics of a job are all keys to an effective and proactive safety management system for any company. It is key to develop a system that works for the entity as a whole, while still ma...

General, Ergonomics ME
Debra Willard Web

Debra Willard-Webb - Safety Management Consultant, MS, RN, COHN-S, WCP®

“… I can’t whistle for a darn, but I sure can listen while I work. I listen to learn the motivators for a person or for an organization, then I’m ready for win-win. Finding the common language connecting my goals and their in...

Healthcare, General, Ergonomics ME
Andy Wood

Andy Wood - Loss Control Manager, Logging, CLP

Andy knows firsthand the safety challenges loggers face every day. As a self-employed logger, Andy saw his workers' comp premiums skyrocket and decided to do something about it. With more than a decade of experience in business management and forestr...

Logging, General ME
Laurette Wright

Laurette Wright - Safety Management Consultant, RN, MPH, COHN-S, CSPHP

“When I began my career as a nurse thirty-five years ago, I can vividly recall colleagues implicitly and at times, explicitly deliver the message that sustaining any type of on-the-job muscular type injury was attributed to being a nurse &ndash...

General, Healthcare DC, MD, NC, SC, VA