Safety Consultants

No matter the size or nature of your company, every MEMIC policy comes with our team of safety experts.

Rob Sylvester

Rob Sylvester - Safety Management Consultant, MBA, CSP, CSPHA, CEHT, WCP®

"Injury prevention is not only cost avoidance, but a key component of strong business practices, leading to improved morale, and increased productivity. Having a safety program which includes accountability at all levels, leads to a decrease in injur...

General, Healthcare, Ergonomics, Manufacturing NY
Daniel Thebeault

Daniel Thibeault - Safety Management Consultant, WCP®

“Safety starts with caring about people. Leaders must show their employees that safety is the top priority in the workplace, and must be a core value for everyone in the organization. This commitment to safety helps develop relationships based ...

Construction, General ME
Scott Valorose

Scott Valorose - Director, Loss Control Services, Northeast Region, CPE, CSP, WCP®

“Workplace safety and health is about continuous improvement in people and operations. This is the same intent and passion that drives efficiency and quality of profitable businesses. Improvement can simply be a function of actionable efforts o...

General, Healthcare, Ergonomics CT, MA, ME, NH, NY, VT
Hartley Webb photo

Hartley Webb - Safety Management Consultant, CSP, CHST, WCP®

“We give management the knowledge and tools to help them become proficient with managing loss. We support management’s ability to lead, plan, organize and control safety.”   Hartley has worked as a MEMIC Safety Management ...

General, Construction, Shipbuilding, Transportation ME
Rosanne Wess Bio

Rosanne Wess - Safety Management Consultant, CSP, CHST

“It is so imperative that employers are able to recruit and retain their workforce, now more than ever before. For me, that boils down to two things: keeping your existing employees happy and healthy, and differentiating yourself enough to attr...

General, Healthcare, Construction, Manufacturing ME
Debra Willard Web

Debra Willard - Safety Management Consultant, MS, RN, COHN-S, WCP®

“… I can’t whistle for a darn, but I sure can listen while I work. I listen for the key motivators that will prompt leaders to continually improve worker health and safety at their organizations.” Working at pediatric hospit...

Healthcare, General, Ergonomics ME
Andy Wood

Andy Wood - Loss Control Manager, Logging, CLP, WCP®

 “I used to be a logging contractor who was paying incredible workers’ comp rates. I realized that there was absolutely no need for it. We can do a better job in the woods, and if we do, not only will we be safer, but we will also be...

Logging, General ME
Laurette Wright

Laurette Wright - Safety Management Consultant, RN, MPH, COHN-S, CSPHP, WCP®

“When I began my career as a nurse thirty-five years ago, I can vividly recall colleagues implicitly and at times, explicitly deliver the message that sustaining any type of on-the-job muscular type injury was attributed to being a nurse - it c...

General, Healthcare DC, MD, NC, SC, VA