Safety Consultants

No matter the size or nature of your company, every MEMIC policy comes with our team of safety experts.

Laurie Deitrich

Laurie Deitrich - Safety Management Consultant, CSP, ARM, HEM, WCP®

“Businesses that value safety culture and build upon it rather than prioritizing it will have the long-lasting benefit of protecting workers. Providing them a safe and healthful workplace is a great way to build a team environment and create a ...

General, Manufacturing, Construction PA
John DeRoia

John DeRoia - Safety Management Consultant, OHST, WACH, WCP®

“Working safely isn’t always about you—it’s also about the people you work with. If you have the courage to say something to a co-worker who is engaged in an unsafe act or to a manager who is asking you to perform a task that ...

General, Manufacturing CT, MA

Susan Diffenderfer - Safety Management Consultant, PT, WCP®, ASC

 “As a physical therapist working in a variety of settings, I have experience in assessing the causes of injury with a focus on ergonomic and mechanical hazards. My degree in Biology and Psychology helps me to understand biologic and chemi...

Healthcare, Ergonomics, General PA
Alexis Flink

Alexis Flink - Safety Management Consultant, MS, OHST, WCP®, CSP

"Behavioral based safety, efficiency, and knowledge of the body mechanics of a job are all keys to an effective and proactive safety management system for any company. It is key to develop a system that works for the entity as a whole, while still ma...

General, Ergonomics ME
Tonya Hawker

Tonya Hawker - Safety Management Consultant, ARM, WACH, WCP®

“With the right solutions, workplace safety and business efficiency and productivity are all complimentary. Excellence in safety equals excellence in business.” Tonya is a seasoned health and safety professional with 27 years of experien...

General, Hospitality, Schools DC, MD, NC, SC, VA
Jayson Hebert

Jayson Hebert - Safety Management Consultant, WCP®

“My passion is to help our clients establish a strong safety culture to ensure that each of their employees leave work in the same physical condition that they arrived in each and every day. It is my belief that all accidents/ injuries are pre...

General, Construction, Transportation, Ergonomics, Education, Manufacturing ME
Tony Jones

Tony Jones - Safety Management Consultant, RN, COHN, OHST, WCP®

“We need to change the way we do work. All workplace hazards can be effectively controlled, if not completely eliminated. Occupational injuries and illnesses do not need to be the inevitable consequence of doing work. With the right kind of lea...

General, Construction, Healthcare, Schools ME, NH
Head shot of Arielle Karageorge

Arielle Karageorge - Loss Control Consultant I, BS, WCP®

“Involving all levels of employees in the workplace is key to creating a positive safety culture. From top management to front line employees, everyone has an essential role.  Having employees participate in finding solutions to safety con...

General ME
Randy Klatt

Randy Klatt - Loss Control Director, Region II, MS, CSP, WCP®

“I learned at an early age the tragic consequences of unsafe behavior—as a 20-year-old paramedic responding to calls for help, I quickly realized that human failure is behind the majority of injuries. Too often people rely on luck and are...

General, Transportation ME
Peter Koch

Peter Koch - Manager, Digital Technology, WCP®

“Safety’s all about doing the right thing. Whether owning a business, managing a company, or running a crew, we have a moral obligation for the safety and well being of the people who work with us. The cultures of many successful companie...

Construction, General, Ski, Hospitality CT, MD, ME, NH, UT, VA, VT