Arielle Karageorge

Safety Management Consultant, BS, WCP®

General ME

“Involving all levels of employees in the workplace is key to creating a positive safety culture. From top management to front line employees, everyone has an essential role.  Having employees participate in finding solutions to safety concerns not only brings great ideas to the table but shows that leadership values their employees' input regarding safety. When leadership shows that safety is a priority, employees buy in, and this fosters a solid safety culture."

Arielle has worked as a safety professional for more than five years. Starting with a safety internship at a large, Maine-based retailer, she has extensive experience with analysis of office and industrial ergonomics, injury trending, hazard identification/control and has developed task and/or hazard-specific training for employee safety training. 

Arielle has been with MEMIC since 2017. She is well-versed in online customer safety resources, including the Safety Director, Safety Business & Legal Resources, video streaming services and MEMIC’s online Learning Management System. 

Arielle earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Keene State College in Safety and Occupational Health Applied Sciences. She also has training in the workers’ compensation field, earning the Workers’ Compensation Professional (WCP®) designation from AMCOMP, and holds both the Construction Industry 30-Hour and General Industry 30- Hour Outreach certifications.