Randy Morehouse

Safety Management Consultant, CSP, WCP®

General, Manufacturing, Hospitality NY

“Sustained excellence in safety is within reach of any organization that passionately pursues it. The foundation of a robust safety culture must begin with the wholehearted, participative commitment of top leadership. When that commitment is combined with accountability and open lines of communication throughout an organization, risks are identified, hazards are addressed and people take ownership of their individual safety and the safety of others. People are safer, money is saved, workforce moral improves; win, win, win! Together we can do this!”

Randy has more than 18 years of experience as a safety professional in the manufacturing and hospitality industries. His experience includes safety program development, implementation and management. Throughout his career, Randy’s teamwork approach toward implementing participative safety management systems has resulted in significant improvements in incident reduction, employee ergonomics, hazard recognition and safety training. 

Randy strives to build relationships and cooperatively implement sustainable safety management solutions and practices that reduce risks, improve awareness, and keep people safe!

Randy earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Management at the Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration and later studied Production Management and Manufacturing Analysis at the Xavier University, Williams College of Business.

Randy holds a Certified Safety Professional certification from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. He is an authorized OSHA 10 Instructor and a Workers' Compensation Professional (WCP®).