Dan Clark

Safety Management Consultant, CECD, WCP®

Construction, Healthcare, General, Transportation, Ergonomics ME

"Every day I work with employers to show that safety and productivity are not opposing forces. In the end it takes much less time to do things right than it takes to explain why things went wrong. If you just depend on ‘common sense’ for a safe workplace, you will soon find that common sense is always trumped by common practices."

Dan has more than 30 years’ experience as a safety consultant working with a variety of industries. He has the skills to work with companies and guide them with effective development and implementation of safety program essentials and ergonomics. Dan has worked with some of New England’s largest companies, from the employee level,
to top management and business owners, to help identify process deficiencies and develop interventions for improvement.

Prior to working for MEMIC, Dan was an ergonomics specialist at Bath Iron Works (BIW), a General Dynamics Company. At BIW he worked in both office and manufacturing settings to help develop training programs and improve work processes to eliminate risks. Additionally, he worked for a material handling equipment manufacturer in Southern Maine, traveling throughout the U.S. providing corporations with safety and ergonomic expertise. He later operated his own consulting business, providing safety and ergonomic services in New England. He has provided professional safety and ergonomics consulting services for MEMIC for over 15 years.

Dan is a Certified Ergonomics Compliance Director (CECD). He has received formal training in ergonomics from the George Washington University and the University of Michigan. Dan also has earned the Workers’ Compensation Professional (WCP®) designation from AMCOMP.