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The Flu and Safety—the Sniffly Connection

Lean organizations are the norm—every person and every job matters to the mission. When all hands are ready for duty, safe work practices align with the mission. However, when a couple of absences enter the workflow, safety mindfulness can be divert...

General  •  December 06, 2016

December Is Safe Toys and Gifts Month

The gift giving season is upon us, so in a departure from the regular workplace safety topics posted here, we at MEMIC would like to take a minute to remind you to keep safety a personal priority as you chose gifts for the young ones in your life.

General, Youth Safety  •  December 02, 2016

For Metal Fume Fever—More LEV!

If the iconic actor Christopher Walken was welding galvanized steel, his classic phrase from the Saturday Night Live sketch"More Cowbell" might instead be “I got a fever and the only prescription is more LEV!” LEV, or local exhaust ventilation, is a...

General, Manufacturing  •  November 30, 2016

Wishing You a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving

As the nation prepares to celebrate our day of Thanksgiving, we at MEMIC extend our best wishes for a wonderful and safe holiday.

General, Driving Safety  •  November 23, 2016

Automatic Post-Accident Drug Testing? OSHA Says No.

According to OSHA, “although drug testing of employees may be a reasonable workplace policy in some situations, it is often perceived as an invasion of privacy, so if an injury or illness is very unlikely to have been caused by employee drug use… req...

General, OSHA, Claims Management  •  November 22, 2016

Safe Patient/Resident Handling and Mobility Program Pulse Check

With the recent concentration of OSHA on healthcare facilities, along with state initiatives and the increasing risks in healthcare, have you asked your team lately if your program is up to speed? Programs are shown to reduce patient injury, reduce s...

Healthcare, Safe Patient Handling & Mobility  •  November 17, 2016

Let’s Cut out the Cuts

Lacerations from tools, knives or any sharp object can occur in any industry. Lacerations may not result in a severe injury, however, if tendons or nerves are severed the trauma is far greater and the healing process becomes a lot more difficult.

Construction, Hospitality, General  •  November 09, 2016

Job Safety Analysis Made Easy

A job safety analysis (JSA) is a process that allows us to effectively break down a job into specific steps to identify potential hazards and to recommend the safest way to complete the job, this is done by observing a worker actually perform the job...

General, Safety Programs  •  November 01, 2016

Do You Have the Right Fire Extinguisher for Your Workplace?

It’s Fire Prevention Week, a great opportunity to educate your employees about best practices in the workplace and at home that can save their lives. If prevention measures fall short and a fire breaks out, quick action is required.

General  •  October 12, 2016

Oh the Pain! Avoiding Sprains and Strains

What do the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, and New England Patriots star tight end, Rob Gronkowski, have in common? They both suffered a hamstring strain injury this year which caused a temporary setback from competing in their respective sport. ...

General, Manual Material Handling, Office Ergonomics  •  October 06, 2016