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Construction worker wiping sweat from forehead during summer day

OSHA Emphasis on Addressing Heat Hazards is Pretty Cool

As OSHA shapes its National Emphasis Program (NEP) to protect employees from heat-related hazards proactive employers should look to develop and implement programs to protect their employees.

General, Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare, Transportation, OSHA, Outdoor Safety  •  May 11, 2022
Gas cans stored in garage

Gasoline Storage - A Hot Issue

Gasoline storage questions are among the most common we hear. As a flammable liquid it is essential that businesses understand the requirements and best practices surrounding its storage and handling. This post will answer some of the most burning qu...

Transportation, Logging, General, OSHA  •  May 04, 2022
Young woman wearing PPE while working on DIY project at home

DIY Safety - Do It Yourself, but Don’t Injure Yourself

With the ever-expanding collection of instructional videos available online, the modern DIY enthusiast has the ability to try their hand at almost any project. However, often the instructional videos that promise wonderful results in three simple ste...

General  •  April 26, 2022
Young woman wearing a mask, shopping for fruit at a supermarket

The COVID-19 Pandemic - There’s a Story to Tell

2019 was a relatively normal year. Who would have imagined how far from normal the next two years would be with the Coronavirus Pandemic.

General  •  April 20, 2022
Action shot of ambulance on street

OSHA Fatality Reports - A Sobering Training Resource

As a safety professional it is easy to say that safety is important for all workers in all industries. Seeing the multitude of workplace injuries that occur each day make it real. But for average employees, safety sometimes seems so distant and theor...

General, OSHA  •  April 13, 2022
Safety Data Sheet shown on tablet

I Can't Even Spell SDS - What is it?

The Hazard Communication Standard (1910.1200) requires that all employees exposed to hazardous chemicals at work be trained about the chemicals hazards and how to protect themselves BEFORE they are exposed to the chemical.

General, OSHA, Safety Programs  •  April 07, 2022
Businesswoman in office chair rubbing sore knee

Avoiding The Agony From An Aching Knee

Psst! The information that follows is provided on a “kneed”-to-know basis so glance furtively over your shoulder for onlookers as you continue reading. Of all the joints in the human body, the knee happens to be the largest.

General, Ergonomics  •  March 30, 2022
Digital globe in "cyber space"

Global Cyber Threats in the Midst of War

Typically, the Safety Net covers workplace safety topics and strives to provide solutions that will limit the likelihood of an employee injury. This week we focus on a safety threat of a different kind.

General  •  March 23, 2022
Business man holding business card that reads Attention to Detail

It’s All in the Details

As is often the case when I’m noodling a few ideas for Safety Net topics I turn to famous quotes. Smarter people than me have had brilliant things to say about safety, leadership, or the consequences that occur when safety isn’t a priority and luck r...

General, Inspection  •  March 16, 2022
National Poison Prevention Week

National Poison Prevention Week Starts On March 20 2022

March 20 marks the first day of spring this year as well as the start of National Poison Prevention Week. This weeklong event is intended to raise awareness on the dangers of poisons, ultimately to reduce the number of poisonings that occur, especial...

General  •  March 09, 2022

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