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Natural gas leak detector

Fuel Gas Detection - It’s a Good Idea

Propane and natural gas are both popular fuels when it comes to heating and cooking. However, these fuels present risks. In the event of a leak both can produce a highly flammable vapor cloud presenting an explosion hazard in enclosed spaces.

General  •  January 12, 2022
OSHA forms in a binder.

The OSHA Reporting Forms - It's That Time of Year Again

The process of understanding and completing OSHA’s work-related injuries and illness forms 300, 300A, and 301 can confuse even the most seasoned safety professional.

General, Construction, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Logging, Manufacturing, Retail, Services, Ski, Transportation, OSHA  •  January 05, 2022
Young woman meditating outside during winter

Mental Well-being During the Holidays and the New Year

It’s easy to let the holiday season become a stressful and overwhelming time. There are many pressures to make perfect meals and lots of holiday memories. There is an overwhelming number of activities and obligations that need to be done

General, Wellness  •  December 29, 2021
Marquee sign reading "Review 2021" on wooden tabletop against festive brick background

An Exhilarating Encounter

An Exhilarating Encounter

General  •  December 22, 2021
Wrenches in businessman's suit jacket pocket

Staffing Shortage? Consider the Universal Worker

It’s well known that many industries, if not all, have been experiencing staffing shortages since the pandemic began. Employers are trying their best to fill the open positions.

Healthcare, General  •  December 15, 2021
Man sitting on couch suffering from back pain

The Little Things Can Make the Difference

Back pain is something that most of us will experience sometime in our lives. Often the cause of back pain is misunderstood. The perception is we must be lifting something heavy to cause an injury.

General, Ergonomics, Office Ergonomics  •  December 01, 2021
Person with tennis elbow pain

A Common Issue with The Common Extensor Tendon

The common extensor tendon is located in the upper limb with attachment to the lateral epicondyle of the humerus at the elbow.

General, Ergonomics, Office Ergonomics  •  November 24, 2021
Man doing paperwork before COVID-19 vaccination

The OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard: Vaccination, Testing and Face Coverings - Part 1

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has published their second Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) to address COVID-19 workplace transmission.

General, OSHA  •  November 11, 2021
Nurse assisting patient in wheelchair

Tracking Your Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Program

Everyone is keeping score and tracking it in some way. When we exercise, we track number of repetitions, weights used, and miles ran. Our doctors log health indicators like body weight, cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure to name a few.

Healthcare, Safe Patient Handling & Mobility  •  November 03, 2021
HVAC units on commercial building

The Flat Roof Dilemma - When is Fall Protection Required in General Industry?

The OSHA fall protection standards have elements that touch all industries and complying with them can be challenging. Let’s take a closer look at one of the most commonly asked questions regarding fall protection.

General, OSHA  •  October 27, 2021

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