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Woman wearing boots walking along snowy brick path

It’s “Snow” Wonder The Ground’s Getting Slippery

With the wonder of snowfall come falls and not of the Niagara type.

General, Slips, Trips & Falls  •  December 11, 2019
Woman wearing hard hat and personal protective equipment standing in a factory

Take a Closer Look at Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are beautiful things. Functional, comfortable, light, cheap, and they can save your eyesight. Hard to beat the return-on-investment represented in a pair of safety glasses that cost only a few dollars.

General  •  December 04, 2019
Man in respirator using a power sander

OSHA Silica Regulations: Shifting Sands

It has now been slightly over two years since the Construction respirable silica regulation became enforceable by OSHA and about a year and a half since the General Industry regulation followed suit (September 17, 2017 and June 23, 2018, respectively...

General, OSHA  •  November 27, 2019
Pumpkins, corn, and leaves on display in front of a wooden background with decorative lights

Are you fired up for the holidays? Are you prepared to prevent fires?

Whether you are excited or stressed for the coming holiday season, the best thing to be is prepared. Have a game plan for safe driving, cooking and decorating.

General, Claims Management  •  November 21, 2019
photo grid of men and women crossing fingers

You’ve Got to Ask Yourself One Question: Do I Feel Lucky?

Dirty Harry’s quote was used in a post from 2015, but this time the topic is a little different. Luck is defined as “a combination of circumstances, events, etc., operating by chance to bring good or ill to a person.”

General, Leadership and Management  •  November 13, 2019
Announcing the safety experts podcast by MEMIC

Make Your Work and World a Safer Place with the Safety Experts Podcast

We are excited to announce that on Monday, November 11th we will be launching a new safety resource—the MEMIC Safety Experts Podcast!

General  •  November 06, 2019
mountainous wildfires burning at night

Nor’easters, Hurricanes, Fires, Blizzards—Oh My! Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst

It seems that every day brings more bad news about storms and other disasters occurring around the country. Employers have to be prepared for every contingency to assure worker safety and business continuity.

General, Emergency Preparedness  •  October 30, 2019
Rooftop worker wearing safety harness

Heinrich's Pyramid - Does It Hold Up 90 Years Later?

Herbert William Heinrich was an assistant superintendent of an insurance company and back in 1931 he commenced a study of more than 75,000 industrial accidents. The result of this work was published in Industrial Accident Prevention: A Scientific Ap...

General  •  October 23, 2019
3D render illustrating back pain caused by improper ergonomics

Ask the Ergonomist - Should I have a ball at work?

I am frequently asked, “Should I use a yoga ball instead of a chair?” At this point, many have heard of using an inflatable ball because it is purported to activate core muscles and improve back posture. So let’s toss that idea around a little.

General, Office Ergonomics  •  October 16, 2019
Blurred view  of car windshield with digital warning sign indicating vehicle is too close to vehicles in front.

Space Cushion – Your Margin for Error on the Road

We’ve all heard a number of safe driving principles such as avoiding distracted driving, following speed limits, never driving impaired, and the hazards of road rage. But there is another principle that deserves just as much attention.

Transportation, Driving Safety  •  October 02, 2019

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