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Worker wearing respirator doing wall construction

The Impact of Crystalline Silica In Interior Wall Construction

The days of lath and plaster wall construction have pretty much been replaced with wallboard applied over stud walls of wood or steel. Old plaster typically contained horsehair and in some applications asbestos was used as a binder to ensure the plas...

General, Construction, OSHA  •  June 23, 2020
Man with sore back from improper lifting technique

It’s all about the Base, No Trouble

I was driving down the road the other day listening to Megan Trainor sing, “Because you know I’m all about the bass, ‘bout the bass, no treble,” and I started thinking that this could be a great line for proper lifting technique

General, Manual Material Handling  •  June 10, 2020
Microfiber mop with sponge and bucket on wooden floor

Microfiber Miracle - Taking the SLIPS out of Slip and Fall Injuries

Hazards in the healthcare system seem to be multiplying every day. Notwithstanding the current pandemic exposures, the top three hazards which account for the most injuries are ergonomic hazards, physical hazards, and psychosocial hazards such as vio...

Healthcare, Slips, Trips & Falls, Manual Material Handling  •  June 03, 2020
Inserting sole support into shoe

Shoes That Are Good for Your Sole

Often people look at the superficial reasons for why they could be experiencing pain. Looking at this from the ground up can be extremely helpful. The human body is a kinetic chain, starting with our feet.

General  •  May 28, 2020
Root Cause Analysis Infographic

Root Cause Incident Investigation and the 5-Why Technique

The employee should have been more careful. They lifted the wrong way, or they should have been wearing safety glasses. These are just some examples of what I too often read in incident/accident investigation reports.

General, Leadership and Management, Safety Programs  •  May 20, 2020
Electrical outlets plugged into power strip

Knowledge Trip on the Power Strip

Do you need to power more than one office device, tool, or appliance? This usually generates discussion about the use of a power strip. Power strips are not to be confused with extension cords. A power strip has many reference names.

General, Electrical  •  May 13, 2020
Learning blocks education

Ensuring the Effectiveness of Employee Safety Training

“Space apart every 6 feet, now let’s repeat…” might be a good way to teach elementary school children a lesson in social (physical) distancing.

General, Safety Programs  •  May 06, 2020
Gloved restaurant worker handing food to patrons

Hospitality is Coming Back - Make Sure We Come Back Safely

Stopping the spread of harmful pathogens has long been a workplace safety issue. The OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) standard and the Hazard Communication standard are certainly examples of prevention strategies that have been around for a long time.

Hospitality, Safety Programs  •  May 01, 2020
crime scene tape hanging in office

Workplace Violence Remains a Serious Issue

The issue on everyone’s mind these days, and for good reason, is clearly coronavirus. However, workplace violence continues to be an important safety and health topic that should be discussed on a regular basis.

General, Safety Programs, Leadership and Management, Workplace Violence  •  April 22, 2020
Well-lit modern office

Don’t be in the Dark about Office Lighting

Lighting in the workplace is an important factor that contributes to organizational productivity and efficiency.

General, Services, Office Ergonomics  •  April 15, 2020

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