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crime scene tape hanging in office

Workplace Violence Remains a Serious Issue

The issue on everyone’s mind these days, and for good reason, is clearly coronavirus. However, workplace violence continues to be an important safety and health topic that should be discussed on a regular basis.

General, Safety Programs, Leadership and Management, Workplace Violence  •  April 22, 2020
Well-lit modern office

Don’t be in the Dark about Office Lighting

Lighting in the workplace is an important factor that contributes to organizational productivity and efficiency.

General, Services, Office Ergonomics  •  April 15, 2020
Hand opening closed office fire door

Ensuring Fire Safety While Protecting Employees from COVID-19

As we continue to combat the spread of COVID-19 within each of our workplaces, it’s important that the protocols we put in place do not create any additional safety concerns.

General  •  April 08, 2020
Communication-themed lightbulbs

Sending the Right Message: Communicating During a Crisis

These are interesting times, to say the least. It’s times like these when employers and leaders should step back, focus on the right priorities, and then lean in to support the team.

General  •  March 31, 2020
N95 Masks

N95 Respirators in the Time of COVID-19; Let’s Talk Fundamentals.

Our healthcare system is being stressed and there is a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), including N95 respirators – a primary defense against this virus. So, what does N95 mean?

Healthcare, Claims Management  •  March 27, 2020
Woman greeting pizza delivery driver at front door.

Food Delivery Driver Safety

Due to the number of restaurants discontinuing the dine-in experience, there has been a significant increase in food delivery activities.

Hospitality, Driving Safety  •  March 24, 2020
Male construction worker wearing a face mask

Who Was That Masked Man? A “Fitting” Question These Days

Almost a decade ago, MEMIC posted a 2-part blog titled What do I really need for a Respiratory Protection Program?, which described the requirements of OSHA’s respiratory protection standard, 29 CFR 1910.134.

OSHA  •  March 18, 2020
Man checks his cellphone while working at home with laptop on his lap

Remote Worker Safety and Ergonomics

Due to the highly contagious and potentially life-threatening nature of the COVID-19 virus, there has been a recent surge in the number of employers asking or requiring their employees to work from home.

Office Ergonomics  •  March 17, 2020
Workers in elevated work platform cleaning windows

New ANSI A92 Training Requirements

This is part 2 of our post covering the new ANSI A92 standard for Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs). The standard has several significant changes including new training requirements. The new standards were effective March 1, 2020.

Construction, Manufacturing  •  March 12, 2020
Coronavirus ncovid-19

Talking Infection Control Over A Corona

Until recently, the word corona evoked an image of a clear, glistening longneck bottle of pale lager that pairs nicely with a summer afternoon down by the seaside. Add a wedge of green citrus fruit and another Corona gets its lime and your latitude h...

General  •  March 02, 2020

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