Maureen Anderson

Safety Management Consultant, M.Sc., WACH, CPE

Ergonomics ME, NH

“Listening to clients is the most important tool of an Ergonomist. I understand ergonomics, but you are the experts in your business. It would be too easy for me to dictate changes that will reduce ergonomic risk factors, but if they don’t work in your business environment, then those changes are doomed. I try to listen, observe with an open mind, and offer solid solutions.”

Maureen has 20 years of experience as an Ergonomist as well as 20 years experience in the insurance industry. While working in the insurance industry, she kept running into the same problems, and knew there had to be better ways. She decided to pursue her advanced degree in Human Factors and Ergonomics and never looked back. She has worked with many companies and many industries; mostly in light industry and office ergonomics. 

Maureen is a Walkway Auditor Certification Holder (WACH) and a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) through the Board of Certified Professional Ergonomists (BCPE), the highest designation in the field of ergonomics.  

She earned her Master’s of Science in Human Factors Psychology from the University of Idaho, and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics through Bates College.