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Man sitting at computer desk, stretching arms

Dynamic Desk Decisions

Discover the benefits of dynamic workstations and the different types of desks to consider for a seamless transition between sitting and standing. From height-adjustable desks to desk converters and standing bias desks, we explore the pros and cons o...

General, Ergonomics  •  April 04, 2024
Brain puzzle pieces illustration

Celebrating a Safe and Neurodiverse Workforce

In this edition of the MEMIC Safety Net Blog, the focus is on promoting workplace safety and inclusivity for neurodiverse individuals. It highlights the unique needs and challenges faced by individuals with conditions like autism, dyslexia, and ADHD,...

General, Safety Programs, Emergency Preparedness, Leadership and Management, Hiring Practices  •  March 20, 2024
Assorted PPE on a wooden table

The Overall Benchmark for Safety Performance: Keeping People Safe

OSHA has made significant strides in workplace safety since 1970, reducing worker deaths per day from 38 to 15. It's crucial to go beyond compliance, adapting safety measures to changing hazards and regulations. Compliance alone may not suffice, with...

General, Manufacturing, Ergonomics, Inspection, Leadership and Management, OSHA, Safety Programs  •  March 07, 2024
worker tending to hydraulic hoses

The Pressure Is on to Address Hydraulic Injection Injuries

Workers can suffer hydraulic or high-pressure injection injuries when a substance is accidentally injected under the skin while working with or around high-pressure equipment. These injuries can result in amputation or loss of life if not recognized ...

General, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, Inspection, Safety Programs  •  February 07, 2024
OSHA website homepage

OSHA Recordkeeping: Timing is Everything (Part 3 of 3)

In this final installment of the “who, how, and what” of OSHA recordkeeping, we address the “when and how”. Timely recordkeeping is crucial, with OSHA 300 log entries required within seven days of a recordable incident. For accurate details, consult ...

General, OSHA, Leadership and Management  •  January 24, 2024
OSHA Records and Recordkeeping

New Year, New OSHA Log (Part 2 of 3)

In Part 2 of the blog series, "OSHA Recordkeeping: New Year, New OSHA Log," the focus shifts to the "what" questions surrounding the OSHA 300 Log. Employers are guided through the complexities of recording work-related injuries/illnesses, including.....

General, OSHA, Leadership and Management  •  January 10, 2024
OSHA Recordkeeping Clipboard

OSHA Recordkeeping: Who, How, What, When and Why? Oh My! (Part 1 of 3)

In this blog series, employers are guided through OSHA injury recordkeeping by adopting a reporter’s mindset, addressing fundamental questions of who, how, what, when and why. Part one explores “who” must keep records and “how.” It delves into OSHA r...

General, OSHA, Leadership and Management  •  January 03, 2024
festive winter village illustration

One Last Letter Before Flight

As silent snowflakes fell softly outside, the crackling of birch blazing on the hearth soothed him as he sat in his study at the Davenport desk. Later that night, with the cold against his shoulder he’d make his magical rounds all around the world.

General  •  December 13, 2023
Workers shoveling snow in winter

Awareness and Prevention Are Key for the Top Three Winter Workplace Injuries

Winter brings many hazards to the workplace environment including slippery surfaces, hazardous driving conditions, and low temperatures. Managing snow and ice, monitoring temperature changes, being aware of signs of hypothermia, and promoting safe dr...

Construction, General, Logging, Ski, Transportation, Outdoor Safety, Driving Safety, Emergency Preparedness, Slips, Trips & Falls  •  November 29, 2023
boxes on conveyor belt in distribution facility

Warehouse, Distribution, and Storage Safety Solutions are Emphasized by OSHA

Facing a higher-than-average incidence of injuries among warehouse workers, federal regulators will open a three-year campaign to improve worker health and safety by deploying awareness resources and conducting inspections of warehousing, storage/dis...

General, Manufacturing, Retail, Emergency Preparedness, Ergonomics, Inspection, Manual Material Handling, OSHA, Slips, Trips & Falls  •  November 15, 2023

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