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Worker inspecting HVAC unity on rooftop

Roof Rules Depend on Slope, Distance, and Frequency

Fall protection requirements for employees performing maintenance on low-sloped roofs depend on factors that include whether the work is deemed “temporary and infrequent,” and the distance from the edge.

General, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail, Services, OSHA, Slips, Trips & Falls, Outdoor Safety  •  September 07, 2022
Painter sitting on ladder, talking on cellphone.

Attention Span Can Affect Safety Performance

Inattention and distraction in the workplace can lead to significant injuries. Safety teams and leadership can start by identifying the causes of inattention, distractions, or interruptions. Attention to hazards and the task at hand builds a safer wo...

General, Leadership and Management, Safety Programs, Slips, Trips & Falls  •  July 06, 2022
Empty school hallway with green lockers

The (Not So) Surprising Truth about Injuries in Schools and Educational Services

In reviewing injury data compiled by MEMIC's Education Services Team, it was found that faculty and administrative jobs have the highest injury frequency across all departments.

Education, Slips, Trips & Falls, Ergonomics  •  September 29, 2021
Construction worker wearing safety harness

Falling Down on the Job

Last week OSHA promoted a National Safety Stand-Down to prevent falls in construction. This makes sense as falls from height are the leading cause of fatalities in the construction trades.

Construction, General, OSHA, Slips, Trips & Falls  •  May 12, 2021
Wet floor sign standing in business hallway

Slip and Fall: What’s Under Our Feet? Solutions Can Be Found on the Surface

Slips/Trips/Falls (STFs) are common across all industries. In fact, STFs are among the top three injuries that continue to impact our policyholders’ insurance costs.

Construction, Education, General, Healthcare, Hospitality, Logging, Manufacturing, Retail, Services, Ski, Transportation, Slips, Trips & Falls  •  March 10, 2021
Person spreading dry sand on slippery steps

‘Tis the Season to be Sanding

Although the holiday season may be behind us, winter is definitely just getting started. For many of us that means sleet, snow, and freezing rain.

Construction, Education, General, Healthcare, Hospitality, Logging, Manufacturing, Retail, Services, Ski, Transportation, Outdoor Safety, Safety Programs, Slips, Trips & Falls  •  January 06, 2021
Boots equipped with traction enhancers.

Target Mapping to Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls (STFs)

In 2018, out of the 900,380 nonfatal work injuries resulting in days away from work, 27% were related to slips, trips, and falls

Construction, Education, General, Healthcare, Hospitality, Logging, Manufacturing, Retail, Services, Ski, Transportation, OSHA, Slips, Trips & Falls, Outdoor Safety  •  December 08, 2020
Office worker injured after falling out of chair

Falls from Rolling Chairs – Yeah, it’s a Thing

As the weather turns colder, slip and fall incidents begin to rise. A recent Safety Net post, Fall In Down Without Falling Down was a reminder that fall is beautiful but does present a seasonal hazard.

Education, General, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Services, Ergonomics, Inspection, Leadership and Management, Office Ergonomics, Safety Programs, Slips, Trips & Falls  •  November 11, 2020
Legs walking down leaf-covered stone steps

Fall In Down Without Falling Down

Oh yeah, it’s getting nippy at night up North with morning frost on the pumpkin a telltale sign. It’s time to don the down or other insulating layer, like fleece over flannel, especially if you tend to be an outsider with autumn activities.

General, Slips, Trips & Falls  •  October 21, 2020
Microfiber mop with sponge and bucket on wooden floor

Microfiber Miracle - Taking the SLIPS out of Slip and Fall Injuries

Hazards in the healthcare system seem to be multiplying every day. Notwithstanding the current pandemic exposures, the top three hazards which account for the most injuries are ergonomic hazards, physical hazards, and psychosocial hazards such as vio...

Healthcare, Slips, Trips & Falls, Manual Material Handling  •  June 03, 2020

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