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Workers standing in large, clean warehouse

Safer Warehousing: OSHA's National Emphasis Program and How You Can Prepare

OSHA implemented a 3-year National Emphasis Program targeting warehousing and distribution center operations due to high injury rates. The program addresses hazards including slips, trips & falls, material handling, and ergonomic concerns. An upcomin...

General, Manufacturing, Retail, Ergonomics, Manual Material Handling, OSHA, Safety Programs, Slips, Trips & Falls  •  July 10, 2024
Workers shoveling snow in winter

Awareness and Prevention Are Key for the Top Three Winter Workplace Injuries

Winter brings many hazards to the workplace environment including slippery surfaces, hazardous driving conditions, and low temperatures. Managing snow and ice, monitoring temperature changes, being aware of signs of hypothermia, and promoting safe dr...

Construction, General, Logging, Ski, Transportation, Outdoor Safety, Driving Safety, Emergency Preparedness, Slips, Trips & Falls  •  November 29, 2023
boxes on conveyor belt in distribution facility

Warehouse, Distribution, and Storage Safety Solutions are Emphasized by OSHA

Facing a higher-than-average incidence of injuries among warehouse workers, federal regulators will open a three-year campaign to improve worker health and safety by deploying awareness resources and conducting inspections of warehousing, storage/dis...

General, Manufacturing, Retail, Emergency Preparedness, Ergonomics, Inspection, Manual Material Handling, OSHA, Slips, Trips & Falls  •  November 15, 2023
Warehouse worker loading truck with a forklift

How to Deliver Safety to the Loading Dock Environment

Heavy freight, temporary trailers, mobile equipment, and hurried personnel with variable training combine to make loading docks uniquely hazardous. Shipping and receiving personnel must be alert and properly trained in material handling and equipment...

General, Manufacturing, Transportation, Retail, Driving Safety, OSHA, Outdoor Safety, Slips, Trips & Falls  •  October 18, 2023
Immaculate commercial kitchen

Everything in Its Right Place

Workplace safety can be enhanced in any work environment with good housekeeping habits such as cleaning up spills, keeping aisles and exits clear, replacing worn, ripped, or damaged floors, eliminating snow, oil, or grease from floors...

Construction, Education, General, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail, Services, Transportation, Inspection, Leadership and Management, Safety Programs, Slips, Trips & Falls  •  March 15, 2023
Person exiting vehicle in snowy conditions

Taming the Dangerous Passage - Safely Entering and Exiting a Vehicle During Winter Weather

Common-sense moves such as approaching carefully, bracing yourself for stability, and moving without boxes, packages, or other items in hand, can help you avoid slip and fall injuries while entering or exiting a vehicle during the cold, snow, and ice...

General, Transportation, Slips, Trips & Falls, Outdoor Safety, Driving Safety  •  November 16, 2022
Person walking up stairs in a commercial setting.

Addressing Slips-and-Falls from the Ground Up

Building a better slip-and-fall prevention program requires you to think SAFE – Surface, Awareness, Footwear, and Environment. Look from the ground up at everything from surfaces to footwear to the mental state of the worker.

General, Safety Programs, Slips, Trips & Falls, Inspection  •  November 02, 2022
Worker climbing stairs with fall arrest harness attached

Spelling Out Fall Protection Beyond the A-B-Cs

Fall protection during work from heights is generally governed by the basics of anchoring, body harnesses, and connectors. But to make a comprehensive assessment, safety directors must go beyond those simple techniques and look at a variety of consid...

Construction, General, Manufacturing, OSHA, Slips, Trips & Falls, Safety Programs  •  October 05, 2022
Worker wearing fall harness climbing a ladder

Ladder Safety Part 2: Does your Ladder Safety Training Get High Marks?

Workplace ladder usage, regardless of industry, is a high-risk task that should be part of any new or existing employee training plan. Training should include ladder selection, inspection, hazard identification, fall protection measures, and safe wor...

General, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Education, Hospitality, Services, OSHA, Slips, Trips & Falls, Manual Material Handling  •  September 29, 2022
Worker wearing hardhat setting a ladder inside

Ladder Safety Part 1: Three Points of Contact

Safe work on ladders requires three points of contact and requires employees to face the ladder, use at least one hand to keep a “firm grasp” on the ladder, and ensure they are not carrying objects or loads that could cause loss of balance or grip.

General, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Education, Hospitality, Services, OSHA, Slips, Trips & Falls, Manual Material Handling  •  September 21, 2022

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