Reflection Over Yuletide Tea

In the still life of winter, a weak sun peeks through a weathered window illuminating the pale-yellow walls of a cozy kitchen.  It was upon a tranquil morn that he arose from his peaceful nap to putter through the early hours after a magical night of spreading joy and merriment the world over.  And now, with the whistle of the kettle on the potbelly stove, afternoon tea time is announced.  The aroma of cinnamon and clove with a hint of orange perfumes the room as the yuletide tea steeps in the heirloom china.  With his first sip of the spiced brew, the comforting fragrance stimulates reflection on his go-to safety blog resource for all the practical information it provides.  Fondly, his thoughts turn to the MEMIC Safety Net Blog

Remembering the wickedness of Old Man Winter from last season, he figured if anything should go viral it should be Pete’s 5-part series on slip and fall injury prevention starting with Slip and Fall Prevention - The S.A.F.E. Way (Part 1).  He realized the “gravity” of sharing this essential information with his entire team as he learned from Greg’s blog on preventing traumatic brain injury there are way too many people falling on the ground, just simply too many hustling people losing gait.  That’s such a sad mistake, he concluded with a new pair of ice cleats dropped in every stocking with care for his hard-working yard crew.  As one of the young at heart swept into their golden years, he enjoyed reading Richard Kordell’s Let's Not Fall Down on the Job.... or Anywhere Else which was certainly relevant for him and the missus in keeping upright and grounded in a snow-covered wonderland.     

With another year under his shiny belt, he attentively took a tip from Debra’s post Mousing with Non-Dominant Hand: Anti-Aging at Your Fingertips and switched hands regularly when updating his naughty and nice list.  Understanding the value of a formal education in shaping a child’s future for success, he was impressed with the learning management system available to MEMIC’s school system policyholders from reading Jennifer’s Get Schooled on Safety blog.  It became clear to him that a safe school, where a child can flourish, equates to fewer names in the “unruly” column of his spreadsheet.  He was amazed with the resources available on workplace violence described in Dave’s Active Shooter Events - Facts and Actions article but was saddened by the evident need.

Looking to promote the health benefits of a dynamic workstation from reading Maureen’s To Sit, or Not to Sit...That is the Question post, he requisitioned his skilled artisans earlier in the year to start a new product line called the Santé Sit-Stand Station.  Fearful of the long hours they’d put in straight to build up inventory, he offered flexible work hours to his tireless team, taking a tip from Tony Jones’s blog titled What Employees Really Want.  Christina’s Promoting Personal Care Can Increase Productivity and Profitability post prompted him to implement an employee wellness program with particular intention for his nursing staff over at the medical dispensary.  With their boundless passion and drive, he firmly believed that to be the consummate caregiver, first and foremost, they needed to take good care of themselves.

On the eve of his takeoff, Dave’s Automobile Mirror Adjustments to Eliminate Blind Spots blog, complete with graphic illustration, convinced him to adjust his sled’s heated side view mirrors, the defrost feature especially needed on a bitterly cold night when the sky is clear and the stars are bright.  Not being above the law (except in polar latitude), he reduced his hypersonic flight speed down a Mach after reading Randy Klatt’s compelling post Speed Limits Really are for Everyone and was surprised that he was still able to make all the night’s stops with little difference in arrival time.  He was elated his dependable, hoofed “engines” were notably less fatigued upon returning home where crunchy carrots and crisp apples awaited as well-deserved treats.

With a twinkle in his eye, a smile on his face and a warm feeling in his belly, he eagerly anticipates the brilliant resources that next year’s blogs will bring.  Time now for another cup of tea and butter pie.

MEMIC’s loss control staff wishes everyone a safe and joyous holiday season. 

By Greg LaRochelle