Upon a Tranquil Morn


Upon a tranquil morn, ice crystals form a paisley pattern frosting the frozen windowpanes in his comfortable study. Having braved the harsh elements through a stormy night, he slumps against the cushions in his favorite armchair, delighted in the joy he just delivered to children near and far. His magical mission completed, he ponders the idea of heading south to a warmer clime, entrusting his team to carry on with exuberance. In this calm moment, he reflects on another year of MEMIC Safety Net Blogs that served him well over the preceding months.

Over the year, he implemented a safety shoe reimbursement program to outfit his crew of craftsmen with new elfin work boots after reading Adam’s Safety Shoes – Selecting the Right Shoe for Your Workplace blog. He surprised them even more by providing ice cleats described in Dave’s post Winter Slip, Trip, and Fall Safety Tips. He felt it only fair as a few of them were miffed when he “recalled” their back belts from reading Rob’s article Back Belts – Do They Prevent Back Injuries? Rob’s Employee Safety and Wellness Run Hand-in-Hand webinar promo post had him looking at worker safety from a holistic approach. Moreover, Allan’s blog Keep Lifts Between the Knees and Shoulders acquainted him with the NIOSH lifting equation and the “green” power zone for manual lifting. As a material handling safety improvement, a spotlight was added to the forklift after reading John’s blog Powered Industrial Truck Pedestrian Safety Lights – What a Bright Idea!

Always a bit nervous when watching his woodworkers operate a table saw, he invested in a new saw with a built-in safety braking system and posted safety tips for optimum operation from reading Tonya’s post Table Saw Safety. Her Ladder Safety blog came in handy when stringing up the holiday lights and topping the tree with a shimmering crystal star. He was moved by Laurette’s piece on taking care of the caregivers in Caregivers: First Do No Harm To Yourselves. Beth’s blog More than Love Handles gave him pause on his own waistline and reassurance that safety support is available for caregivers to avoid a strain injury. He was made more aware of his own posture from Maureen’s Let Posture Be Your Guide article. Most importantly, he learned to listen to his inner voice from reading Randy Morehouse’s post Personal Safety – Listen to Your Inner Voice.

A transformation begins as a new day awakens with the first glow of sunlight.

MEMIC’s loss control staff wishes everyone a safe and joyful holiday season.