$22 million for Maine policyholders, the largest dividend in MEMIC’s 25 year history!

More than 17,500 MEMIC dividend checks totaling $22 million are in the mail to Maine employers. Remember to thank your insurance agent for helping you choose MEMIC! The dividend is paid to employers who buy their workers’ compensation insurance coverage from The MEMIC Group’s mutual company, Maine Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company, based in Portland, Maine. MEMIC has authorized the return of more than $263 million dollars to policyholders since 1998.  


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If you have questions about the dividend, please contact the Dividend Hotline: 207-791-3508 or email dividend@memic.com

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*Calculation excludes surcharges and offsets.

 2017 News Release:

MEMIC announces record $21 million dividend to Maine policyholders; more than $240 million returned since 1998