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If you Want to Keep your Finger, Don’t Put a Ring on It

Jimmy Fallon discovered the truth to this statement in June of 2014. The typical mechanism of injury is a ring becomes caught on the edge of hard object like a door frame, ladder rung, or basketball rim.

Construction, Education, General, Healthcare, Hospitality, Logging, Manufacturing, Retail, Services, Ski, Transportation, Safety Programs, OSHA, Claims Management  •  August 28, 2018
trench box

Toiling Safe in the Trenches

The need for some form of support or protective system to prevent earthwork cave-ins becomes apparent when considering that two workers are killed every month in trench collapses.

Construction, OSHA  •  June 05, 2018
man with hand at ear listening

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! May is Better Hearing Month

A babbling brook, soft rain falling on the rooftop, a songbird singing and leaves rustling in an autumn breeze are just some of the sounds of life that can have a soothing effect on us.

General, OSHA  •  May 15, 2018
Lock out tag out signs on equipment

Lockout Tagout - Stored Energy Considerations

Lockout Tagout (LOTO) is one of the most critical processes of any safety program. When done properly, LOTO eliminates and/or controls the accidental and unexpected release of hazardous energy that could result in serious injury or even death.

Manufacturing, Logging, General, Transportation, Retail, Electrical, Manual Material Handling, OSHA  •  April 11, 2018
chainsaw cutting tree

HAVS (and the Have Nots)

HAVS or hand-arm vibration syndrome is an insidious condition affecting the distal upper extremity.

Manufacturing, Construction, General, Manual Material Handling, OSHA  •  March 20, 2018
GFCI plug

GFCI - Great For Controlling Incidents

When and where are ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) needed? This is a frequently asked question from employers in all industries.

General, Construction, Electrical, OSHA  •  March 14, 2018
Hand holding a compass

Leadership is a Choice

“Leadership is a choice, not a position.” ~Stephen Covey. There is a lot of truth in this statement and it applies directly to workplace safety.

General, OSHA, Safety Programs  •  February 28, 2018
Worker using power drill

Here's to Portable Power Drill Safety - Drilly Drilly!

The portable power drill’s widespread use carries many risks. Follow these tips the next time the job requires the use of one.

Construction, General, OSHA  •  February 14, 2018
Top Safety Posts of 2017

Top Safety Posts of 2017

Every week we try to provide the most valuable workplace safety tips to our readers. Here are some of our most popular posts of 2017.

General, Slips, Trips & Falls, Outdoor Safety, OSHA  •  January 05, 2018
bridge in flood

Working Safely Over or Near Water

With recent hurricanes Harvey and Irma altering the landscape from sinister storm surges and unforgiving flooding rains, it is clear some form of work will need to be conducted over or near water.

Construction, General, OSHA  •  September 19, 2017

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