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Rabies test

Rabies on the Rise?

With the recent number of news stories on wild animal attacks in the Northeast, including a skunk, a couple of foxes, and even an ornery otter in Maine, one might think there’s a rabies apocalypse rising.

General, Healthcare, Outdoor Safety  •  July 11, 2018

Winter Snowpack Favors Tick Population

If the above-average snowfall and record-setting December into January cold snap northerners endured this past winter wasn’t enough of a slap in the face, now comes the news that the deep snowpack insulated the tick population favoring their survival...

Outdoor Safety  •  April 25, 2018
Kids in classroom raising hand

Get Schooled on Safety

Schools are arguably the most important workplaces to ensure health and safety and can be the most challenging. Schools need to track, prevent, and mitigate a wide range of incidents from cyberbullying to bomb threats.

Education, Slips, Trips & Falls, Office Ergonomics, Driving Safety, Outdoor Safety, Claims Management  •  February 01, 2018
Top Safety Posts of 2017

Top Safety Posts of 2017

Every week we try to provide the most valuable workplace safety tips to our readers. Here are some of our most popular posts of 2017.

General, Slips, Trips & Falls, Outdoor Safety, OSHA  •  January 05, 2018
man slipping on floor

A Science for the Art of Slipping: Take Charge of Your Traction

Consider this all-too-common situation… coffee in hand, Sam hustles across the snow-dusted parking lot in leather sole shoes. His phone rings. Before he can answer “What’s up?” he’s down!

General, Hospitality, Slips, Trips & Falls, Outdoor Safety  •  December 13, 2017
Santa Claus reading MEMIC Safe Gift Guide

MEMIC's Safe Gift Guide

Nothing is better than having a loved one come home safe, that's why we asked some of our Safety Management Consultants to share their top gift choices for the holiday season.

General, Services, Hospitality, Slips, Trips & Falls, Outdoor Safety  •  December 07, 2017
Caution tape in front of downed tree and power lines

Be Sure The "Calm After the Storm" Is as Safe as Possible!

As we mark the five year anniversary of Super Storm Sandy, the northeast now has an estimated 1,000,000 homes and businesses without power. The passing of the latest storm is a big relief for the northeast U.S., but now the cleanup begins and that c...

General, Outdoor Safety, Emergency Preparedness  •  October 30, 2017

Don't Let Solar Events Eclipse Safety

It’s been almost 100 years since the last coast-to-coast total solar eclipse, so there is plenty of reason to be excited for the big event on Monday. But don’t let a once-in-a-lifetime solar event eclipse everyday safety.

General, Transportation, Outdoor Safety  •  August 18, 2017
Worker working in sun getting sunburn

Only You Can Prevent Skin Cancer

These sunny summer days are great. The bright summer sun gives us light, energy, and increases our vitamin D production. However, the same sun that gives us so much can be a hazard for outdoor workers. What are the hazards?

General, Construction, Outdoor Safety  •  August 09, 2017

It's Road Construction Season Once Again

While many areas of the country experience road construction year-round, summer generally means an uptick in highway projects. Summer also brings an increase in traffic as people head out on vacations.

Construction, Transportation, General, Outdoor Safety, Youth Safety  •  July 05, 2017

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