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Pour Me Another Cup of Coffee

“Pour Me another Cup of Coffee… for I am a truck driving man” comes from the song “Truck Drivin’ Man” recorded by Buck Owens in 1965. This blast from the past came to mind when thumbing through a recent AAOHN journal.

General, Transportation, Driving Safety  •  March 22, 2017

Traffic Fatalities Increase… Drive to Stay Alive

The National Safety Council recently announced that traffic fatalities for 2015 rose significantly from the previous year. The estimated 38,300 people killed on US roads represent the largest year for year increase in 50 years, and makes 2015 the de...

General, Transportation, Driving Safety  •  September 21, 2016

"I Feel the Need for Speed"

For the movie buffs out there you’ll recognize this title as a very famous quote from the movie Top Gun. May 16, 2016 marked the 30th anniversary of the release of the Paramount picture. This need seemed to be just perfect for Maverick, but unfortu...

General, Transportation, Driving Safety  •  July 15, 2016

Distracted Driving & Work Zone Awareness

Sometimes we all do stupid things, especially when we try to do too many things at once. If one of those things involves 4,000 pounds of metal and glass moving at high velocity, a small lapse in judgment can be catastrophic.

Transportation, General, Driving Safety  •  April 12, 2016

Still Plenty of Winter Driving to Go!

We're not quite out of the woods yet...there is still plenty of winter driving ahead, especially in the Northeast. So regardless of what the groundhog had to say yesterday, let's make sure we take proper precautions to stay safe in any forthcoming wi...

General, Transportation, Driving Safety  •  February 04, 2016

Oh, Deer, It's the Rut Season Again!

Deer breeding season is once again upon us. This is a time when we typically see deer on the move. This is a dangerous time for drivers.

Transportation, General, Driving Safety  •  October 16, 2015

National Stop on Red Week

This year the first week in August has been designated the National Stop on Red Week by The National Coalition for Safer Roads (NCSR). This designation is intended to remind every driver to obey the traffic safety rules, especially to be extra cautio...

General, Transportation, Driving Safety  •  August 04, 2015

April Is Distracted Driving Awareness Month... Hang up and Drive!

Today our lives are more demanding than ever before, and smart-phones have made us available 24/7. Our culture’s compulsion for increased productivity has forced Americans to squeeze more time out of a 24 hour day.

General, Transportation, Driving Safety  •  April 02, 2015

2012 Motor Vehicle Crashes: What Do the Numbers Say?

The November 2013 issue of Traffic Safety Facts, published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) contains some interesting statistics. Since transportation incidents account for the highest percentage of workplace deaths thes...

General, Transportation, Driving Safety  •  December 27, 2013

Ol' Man Winter Is Comin... Are Your Employees Ready?

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The leaves are down, the pumpkins are just about gone, and the frosty weather is here. Now is the time to ensure your employees are properly trained and equipped to work safely in cold environments.

General, Transportation, Slips, Trips & Falls, Outdoor Safety, Driving Safety  •  November 12, 2013

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