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American flag on hood of pickup truck

Safe Travels During the Holiday Weekend

This year July 4th falls on a Monday, so many workers will celebrate a three-day weekend with the observed holiday occurring on Monday the 5th. That’s the good news. What’s the bad news you might ask?

Transportation, Driving Safety  •  June 30, 2021
Distracted driver using cellphone to pictures of himself

In the Zone Behind the Wheel

As our nation moves towards an end to this deadly pandemic, we continue to be faced with another epidemic in the form of distracted driving. But hope springs eternal with April designated as National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

General, Transportation, Driving Safety  •  April 13, 2021
Heavy stone cargo secured with ratchet straps

Cargo Securement - Gravity Doesn’t Cut It

Contractors and do-it-yourselfers often head to the hardware store or home improvement center to pick up the necessary tools of the trade. But sometimes a trip for a box of screws may lead to the unanticipated purchase of additional tools and equipme...

Construction, General, Logging, Manufacturing, Transportation, Driving Safety  •  March 31, 2021
Shipping containers at loading dock

Powered Industrial Trucks and PIT Certification

Does your company use vehicles to move freight trailers in or around your yard, warehouse, or shipping facility? These vehicles may be commonly referred to as a terminal tractor, yard truck, yard jockey, yard spotter, mule, and yard goat.

Construction, Logging, Manufacturing, Transportation, Driving Safety, OSHA, Safety Programs  •  January 20, 2021
Woman greeting pizza delivery driver at front door.

Food Delivery Driver Safety

Due to the number of restaurants discontinuing the dine-in experience, there has been a significant increase in food delivery activities.

Hospitality, Driving Safety  •  March 24, 2020
Car and truck involved in rear-end collision

Putting Rear-End Collisions Behind Us

Rear-end crashes are the most common type of vehicle collision accounting for 29% of all crashes. The National Safety Council reports that of the 37,100 fatal vehicle crashes in 2017, 2,700 were rear-end crashes resulting in 3,000 deaths.

Transportation, Driving Safety  •  February 12, 2020
Blurred view  of car windshield with digital warning sign indicating vehicle is too close to vehicles in front.

Space Cushion – Your Margin for Error on the Road

We’ve all heard a number of safe driving principles such as avoiding distracted driving, following speed limits, never driving impaired, and the hazards of road rage. But there is another principle that deserves just as much attention.

Transportation, Driving Safety  •  October 02, 2019
view of driver

Hands Off the Cellphone While Driving

Normally safety professionals would be advocating for a “hands-on” approach to workplace safety.

General, Driving Safety  •  August 27, 2019
Vintage Automobile In Green Field At Dusk

Drive Like it's 1948?

While going through some boxes of old family photos, diplomas, and other items that my parents saved for some reason, I came across a Minnesota Driver’s Manual.

Transportation, Driving Safety, Outdoor Safety, Safety Programs  •  May 14, 2019
Robot holding car steering wheel

Does Automotive Safety Technology Really Make Us Safer?

Collision Avoidance Technology (CAT) systems are more common and more capable than just a few years ago.

General, Driving Safety  •  February 26, 2019