Is This Virus Outsmarting Us?

Coronaviruses Family Rendering

It goes without saying that this virus refers to the sinister coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2 that continues to ravage humanity on a global scale. Tragically, in its quest to survive and thrive the virus can be a destroyer of life, especially within the infirmed and immunocompromised populations. This acellular organism, in its attack on a multicellular organism possessing a brain, can ultimately bring down the healthiest of individuals with an overwhelming assault on the respiratory system. Even those that recover from infection may experience lingering symptoms such as brain fog and fatigue with a condition known as long COVID.

And now this virus that knows no political ideology is mutating from its wild type to form more transmissible and lethal strains, particularly with the delta variant currently spreading fast and furiously. Reminiscent of a scene in Jurassic Park, “life finds a way” even in the world of a virion seeking out a host cell to insert its replication machinery to manufacture more copies of itself in mass quantity. This is not something to fear but rather something to be aware of in our ongoing attempt to quash the virus that has inflicted so much pain, suffering, and loss. Clearly, vaccination is the key to conquering COVID-19.

Understandably, a large number of people are hesitant to get the COVID vaccine either in reaction to misinformation, historical wariness, or other concerns including possible long term side effects from a “concoction” synthesized seemingly in warp speed. This is especially true with messenger RNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) which have not yet received full approval but have been authorized for use under an emergency use authorization (EUA) granted by the Food & Drug Administration. The good news is that full approval is on the horizon for the Pfizer vaccine this September after much scrutiny over its safety and efficacy through lab testing, clinical trials, and new drug application review. Hopefully, full approval will finally pave the way for the unvaccinated to get a shot in the arm by boosting confidence in this life-saving vaccine. But time is of the essence as the virus continues in its craftiness to become more virulent and evasive. How many more variants will there be and in what time frame until the human race reaches herd immunity?

Obviously, COVID vaccines aren’t 100 percent effective but the risk of severe infection is remarkably reduced. We’re seeing this play out right now with vaccinated people who experience a breakthrough case rarely needing hospitalization. The proof is in the pudding with the statistics showing the effectiveness of vaccination against COVID-19. Vaccination is how we outsmart this virus. Looking up at an attending physician donned in PPE in the ICU is sadly not the time to ask for the vaccine.        

Still not convinced to get the jab - then check out the MEMIC SafetyNet posts listed below for more vaccination information. Let’s all do our part for our friends, family, and community so we can rock on safely without fear of life-threatening infection from this vicious virus.

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