24/7 Injury Triage and Telehealth

MEMIC 24/7 Injury Triage and Telehealth

Longtime readers of the MEMIC Safety Net know that we typically cover topics that help to keep workers safe on the job. Unfortunately, we all know that despite best efforts to keep each other safe, injuries may still occur. After prevention, proper injury management that is focused on getting the best outcome for the injured person is the next best thing employers can be prepared for when it comes to workplace safety management.

Connecting injured employees with appropriate, quality care as quickly as possible can help prevent a minor injury from becoming complicated and focuses attention on the wellness of the employee. This is sometimes difficult for those working a night shift or for those in remote areas where the closest treatment center is an emergency room 45 minutes away. This is when the convenience of telehealth can help.

For many work-related injuries, immediate treatment can be provided via a virtual visit with a medical provider versus an in-person appointment. Both patients and physicians have welcomed the convenience of a virtual visit–which means no driving to a doctor's office, missed appointments, or delays in waiting rooms as well as the added expediency of non-narcotic prescriptions and physical therapy scheduling. 

Policyholders of MEMIC have access to telehealth visits through our 24/7 Injury Triage and Telehealth service, which may be used for any non-emergency, work-related injury, at any time

How MEMIC’s 24/7 Injury Triage Works

At the time of a work-related injury, the injured employee and their managers or supervisor call the 24/7 Injury Triage line (will be asked to provide a MEMIC policy number). The employee will speak with a registered nurse who will evaluate the injury and determine next steps for medical needs. There is no additional charge for using the 24/7 Injury Triage Service. Additional costs will only be incurred if the injured employee asks for or is directed to seek treatment with a medical provider through our telehealth offering or at a preferred provider location. Whether you’re a MEMIC policyholder or not, by addressing a workplace injury when it first occurs and ensuring that the employee receives quick and timely care can decrease lost time from work and costly emergency room visits. Visit memic.com to learn more about the advantages of telehealth and injury triage. If you’re a MEMIC policyholder, you can request a 24/7 Injury Triage Resource Kit and get started with telehealth right away. You can also request more information by sending an email to 247injurytriageinfo@memic.com

Successful safety programs cover all aspects of the job from your hiring practices, training, administration, OSHA reporting, site inspections and surveys, injury investigations, and complete return-to-work programs. Providing the right healthcare in a timely manner for any work-related injury can make a significant difference in the long-term outcome. Do your best to prevent all injuries, but if they happen, take advantage of MEMIC’s 24/7 Injury Triage Service.