Wishing You a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving

As the nation prepares to celebrate our day of Thanksgiving, we at MEMIC extend our best wishes for a wonderful and safe holiday. 

Unfortunately, this year the U.S. has seen a significant increase in highway fatalities.  As you wrap up your last day of work before the Thanksgiving weekend and begin travels to see family and friends please keep safety a priority.  Get plenty of sleep, allow extra time, follow the traffic rules, and don’t try to drive too far in one day.  Make sure the family car has plenty of gas, tires in good shape and properly inflated, and that you have an emergency kit aboard just in case.  Having the first aid kit, an extra blanket, a fire extinguisher, or a flashlight could really pay off should the unexpected occur.

Sadly, nearly 5,000 people will die on the job this year.  As you enjoy the holiday weekend, please take time to thank those who work so hard every day of the year to keep the public safe.  Those serving in our military, police officers, firefighters, hospital workers, and EMS personnel will be on the job regardless of the holiday schedule most of us enjoy.  We hope we never need them, but we know if the worst should occur they will be there to help. 

Enjoy the holiday and do your part to return to work healthy and productive.  Thank you to all of our readers for making safety a part of everything you do.  Start the holiday season with friends and family, enjoy the time away from the routine, and return to work safely.  Continue working to keep everyone at your business healthy; it’s good for the culture and morale of the organization.  But it’s also critical for each individual worker.  As Mr. Spock was fond of saying, “Live long and prosper.”