Top Seven Safety Net Posts of 2015

Last year over thirty thousand readers enjoyed our Safety Net posts. In order to provide the most helpful information, we look to see what interests our readers the most and found these seven posts to be the most viewed in 2015:

How Much Is Too Much To Lift? - Scott Valorose says it's not simply a question of strength but what our capacity is over time without undue fatigue or injury. The answer depends on several factors such as the size of the load, the load’s center, its stability, or whether it has handles or not (Valorose also recommends specific manual lifting limits).

I Want My PPE - Greg LaRochelle says that although the employer is responsible for providing most personal protective equipment (PPE) to the employee at no cost (Greg also lists the exceptions), it is still the employee’s responsibility to inspect it, clean it, store it properly, and most importantly wear it.

Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn! - Randy Klatt offers a fun look at what some of the most famous movie quotes can teach us about workplace safety.

Preventing Heat Stress in the Workplace - Tonya Hawker describes the most common types of heat-related illnesses and how to avoid their contributing factors.

Three Tips for Using a Mouse - Scott Valorose's tips on proper location and use of your computer mouse can eliminate common contributors to aches and pains.

Why the Scaleni Deserve a Good Stretch - With today's prevalence of computer and cell phone use leading to a forward head posture, Greg LaRochelle describes how neck stretches can help avoid thoracic outlet syndrome with pain exhibited in the hand, forearm, upper arm, or pectoral region. The symptoms of pain in the hand can be similar to that of carpal tunnel syndrome with aching, burning, numbness, and a pins and needles sensation or paresthesia.

Tis' The Season To Get Injured - Eric Grant tells us why the holidays can be such a dangerous time.

Thank you for your readership and interest in workplace safety. MEMIC will continue to assist your efforts in 2016 with many more informative and entertaining tips regarding health and safety.