Through a Stormy Night

Wild was the wind that howled in the fury of a blinding snowstorm.  The tempest kicked up suddenly, as he headed into the night with the red glow of light at the front of his team guiding him onward. 

There was work to be done of grand importance and proportion - another season’s mission of spreading goodwill and delight.  Each child in their angelic sleep would awaken the next morning to behold a gift that would set their spirit leaping.  As was his habit afore the eve, he sought guidance and instruction from the MEMIC Safety Net to ensure a safe return to his waiting family upon the last delivery.  This year’s crop of blog posts would prove fruitful in the planning and preparation of this wondrous endeavor.

Months earlier, he adopted the use of a face shield along with safety glasses when sharpening woodworking tools on a bench grinder after reading Tony’s post titled Eye Protection is More Than Having Safety Glasses.  From Luis’s three part article on OSHA’s New Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard, he abandoned the use of sand and switched to a salt free, pet friendly ice melt for treating his outdoor walkways.  New sit/stand workbenches were installed over the summer for his crew of toymakers, with encouragement to change posture regularly after reading Allan’s blog The Workplace is Dynamic, Don’t Be Left Standing Still.  When pouring over his long list of names in his favorite stuffed chair, he limited his sitting time to 20 minute intervals; a tip he picked up from reading Maureen’s Ergonomics by the Seat of Your Pants post.  On the matter of knowing who was naughty or nice, he learned about Behavioral and Integrity Testing from Alexis’s blog on improving hiring practices.  For his rooftop landings, a fall hazard assessment would be made from reading Jayson’s blog titled Fall Protection and Prevention; What You Need to Know.  And in case he’d encounter some simmering embers in a cozy fireplace, he’d put his fire extinguisher knowledge to good use from Debra’s post Do you have the right fire extinguisher for your workplace?  

Driven by the night’s excitement, he knew to pull in the reins on his eager team, having learned about the tragic consequences of hurried flight from reading Randy’s “I Feel the Need for Speed” blog.  The old saying “Ice and Snow, Take it Slow!” came to mind from Dave’s post Still Plenty of Winter Driving to Go!  His labor of love, through a stormy night, would be one of flawless execution thanks to MEMIC’s dedicated team of safety professionals.

MEMIC’s loss control staff wishes everyone a safe and joyous holiday season. 

Santa reading Safety Net on his tablet.