6 Steps to Success at Work and at Play

Many employers, including MEMIC, encourage participation in events like the TD Beach to Beacon 10K in Cape Elizabeth, Maine because they see how actively supporting the healthy choices of employees can increase productivity and reduce cost. As the Safety Sponsor of Beach to Beacon, MEMIC has made a list of 6 steps to be safe and successful at work and at play:

1. Make a plan.  What are your goals and how are you going to get there? If you just start running without a plan, chances are you won't get very far. If you need help, ask the experts. Nike has an 8 week training plan for the 10K, MEMIC has 7 steps to a safer workplace.

2. Get support.  800+ volunteers assist almost 6,500 runners to make Beach to Beacon the largest road race in the Pine Tree State. We run better and work harder when we have fans cheering us on.

3. Use the proper equipment.  Dress for success. Footwear is important whether you are jogging down the road, at a construction site or in the office. Road-running, trail-running or cross-training? Pronated, overpronated, supinated? Super cushioned, stability, motion control, barefoot, minimalist? EVA, posts, plates, shanks, TPU? Stop by your local retailer for help in choosing the right running shoes, MEMIC's Tony Jones has tips on choosing the right work shoes.

4. Stay focused.  To do your best you need to be at 100% physically and mentally. Try to be well rested, keep hydrated and be wary of stimulants like coffee that can give you a quick energy boost but can also leave you dehydrated.

5. Prepare for all contingencies.  You have the perfect day mapped out in your head, but what if the day is less than perfect? Are you prepared for sun, wind, rain, slippery surfaces... dogs?

6. Celebrate your victories.  Take the time to celebrate your victories and to recover from a big event. Continue to hydrate, eat well, walk and stretch tight muscles to help the recovery process. Review your progress and set new goals. It's never too early to start planning for the next challenge.