Afore the Eve

In the calm of a crystal clear December night, he hugged his wife and with a twinkle in his eye above rosy red cheeks whispered “I’ll be home soon.” Confident in his safe return, she smiled proudly, knowing he would go about his magical work with safety as a top priority.With children and the young at heart excitedly counting on his arrival, he had provisioned well for the frosty flight. He would not disappoint.

Planning began months earlier when the long and lazy days of summer afforded him more reading time. There was an educational website he favored, whether on his office computer or outdoors under a shade tree with cell phone in hand. This site, the MEMIC Safety Net, is a blog page with a vast archive of health and safety articles penned by a crew of passionate safety experts.

From Allan’s Determining Your Power Grip Size, he‘d fashioned a thicker handhold along the reins by adding a strip of foam padding. Eric’s entry Holiday Stress Shouldn’t Compromise Order Fulfillment Safety reminded him of the need to deliver on time while keeping safety in mind. He invested in a new pair of shiny black boots with high traction outsoles after reading Pete’s blog What’s On Your Feet This Winter. From Tonya’s article about April being distracted driving month he would keep his phone nestled deep in the front right pocket of his white fur trimmed red jacket at all times when traveling. Every item on board was carefully loaded with attention to size and stability from viewing Scott’s How Much Is Too Much to Lift? post. Henry’s blog Machine Guards and the Cost of Cutting Corners prompted him to inspect his ride’s undercarriage for any nip points that needed guarding. In the biting cold, he’d be sure to give a little extra to the caregivers, having read Beth’s article titled The Challenge for Home Health Care. There were many more he read, from a number of contributors, that inspired him to make several safety improvements, all leading up to this wondrous night.

Grasping the reins, he glanced over his shoulder to see his loving wife give a farewell wave silhouetted in the light of the grand doorway. He paused for a moment reflecting on the safety knowledge he had acquired and put to good use; his heart swelled with joy. And in a booming voice that pierced the still night air he, at long last, gave his anxious team the command to take flight.

MEMIC’s loss control staff wishes everyone a safe and joyful holiday season.

Santa Claus carrying his tablet with the Safety Net blogs.