What Are Your Exit Signs Made Of? -Part II

This is Part II in a series of posts regarding emergency evacuations. 

Each exit, or doorway leading outside, must be marked with a clearly visible, distinctive sign that reads EXIT.

  • The exit signs must have distinctive colors so that they do not blend into the background and can be seen easily from a distance.
  • Signs must be posted along the exit routes that indicate the direction of travel to the nearest exit. These signs will often have the word EXIT with an arrow pointing to the left or right. In most buildings, there will be a series of EXIT signs with arrows that point out the direction of the exit route before the door that leads to the outside is actually reached.
  • The exit signs cannot be obstructed or concealed in any way that might prevent people from seeing them. Additional signs on the exit doors may cause confusion. Be careful not to put holiday decorations on or near exit signs. Never put a mirror near an exit door because it will cause confusion on the direction of travel.
  • A non-exit door is any doorway or passage that might be mistaken for an exit. Examples include doors to closets, basements, storage rooms, offices, mechanical or electrical rooms, etc.
  • These doors must be marked with a sign that reads NOT AN EXIT or with a sign indicating the door’s actual use, such as “Basement” or “Closet.”
  • Each exit route must be illuminated in such a way that even during a power outage, emergency lighting is available. The lighting must be adequate and reliable and should be checked regularly to ensure that it is in working condition.
  • Exit signs themselves must be illuminated. This lighting must also be reliable and should be checked on a regular basis.
  • Exit signs that are self-lighting must be checked on a regular basis to ensure that the lighting is always in good working order.
  • Exit signs that are not self-lighting must be made of a reflective material so that they are easy to see when illuminated by the emergency lighting.

This additional reference on Exit Sign Regulations is provided by Exit Sign Warehouse.


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