Ol’ Man Winter Can Be Hazardous to Your Health!

Winter is hanging on for a lot of the country despite the advancing calendar. Consider the following so that you make it to Spring safely! 

This time of year the number of slips and falls suffered throughout the Northeast increases dramatically. The vast majority of these incidents are avoidable. We are always in a hurry, not watching the surface, carrying too much, not wearing the proper footwear, or a combination of all of the above. Take a few minutes to consider how you can best avoid these injuries this winter season. Spring isn’t far off, but the footing can be treacherous between now and then! Last winter MEMIC posted a blog entitled “What’s on your Feet this Winter?” It is good reading and worth checking out this year. Footwear is often overlooked as an important preventive measure when it comes to slips and falls. Friction enhancers (Stabilicers, Yaktrax or similar devices) are not always practical, but sure can be a life saver when the conditions are extremely snowy or icy. MEMIC has posted several other blogs regarding slips and falls. Access the Safety Net and search “slips and falls” for additional resources.

Naturally the cold, along with gusty winds and reduced visibility can make the shortest of commutes hazardous. Proper vehicle maintenance, stocking an emergency kit, and planning all trips to allow extra time are all keys to safe journeys. As the saying goes, “Ice and Snow, Take it Slow.” Check out the resources from OSHA regarding winter storm preparation and survival.

It’s nice to get out and enjoy the winter weather, but do so with caution. This is especially true for those excursions on the frozen ponds, lakes, and rivers. Check out the Safe Riders! Safety Awareness Program for tips about riding snowmobiles on the ice. 

We’ll soon be talking about hot weather, barbecue, and swimming safety, but for now keep an eye on the ice and snow to avoid injury.