Is Your Business Ready?

Hurricanes, floods, wind damage, heat waves, shootings, and domestic terrorismall events that have happened this year. Is your business ready?

MEMIC recently archived an August webinar entitled "Is Your Business Ready?," which is designed to help our clients prepare, write, test and improve their own “all hazards” emergency response and business continuity plans.  This webinar is available to policy holders at MEMIC’s Safety Director.

The federal government provides excellent resources on the website, “”.  You can access templates to prepare a Risk Assessment, Business Impact Analysis Worksheet, Business Continuity Resource Requirement Worksheet, Business Continuity Plan Worksheet, Emergency Response Resource Requirements Worksheet, and Emergency Response Plan

Additional information on emergency planning and protecting people from natural and human-caused disasters can be found at other sites on the web including these:

OSHA’s Flood Preparedness and Response
FBI Workplace Violence Response
Federal Emergency Management Agency