An Educational Opportunity Worth Considering

Anyone who's been a safety professional for a few years is eventually going to be asked by someone on the floor or job site “how did you get into this safety business anyway?” 

When I was first asked this very question some 20 plus years ago I answered honestly that I thought it was a worthwhile job to have.  When they asked “what training did you have to take," the answer was none. 

I, like the many safety professionals I've had the pleasure to work with over the years, started the same way. You had to be able to do two things: number one, know the OSHA standards for your particular industry and, number two, be able to deal with people.  Dealing with people has not changed. The educational requirements have.

Earning a certificate or degree no matter what the field is an obvious advantage compared to when I first got started. When looking at employee health and safety programs, the offerings have increased over the years but they’re still somewhat limited.

That's why, if you’re from my neck of the woods, a course titled “Occupational Safety and Health” offered this fall by the University of Southern Maine (USM) through their Risk Management and Insurance degree program may be of interest to someone looking for that formal education.

This course covers risk management process for industrial and commercial safety. Visit USM’s website for information on course ITS 320.