COVID-19 Policyholder and Injured Worker Update


Despite the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus, MEMIC is continuing to deliver benefits and safety training services. Our staff has made a smooth transition to work-from-home and are responding in a timely manner to all requests. We are doing our part to minimize the further spread of the virus while being responsive to your needs.

Injured workers will continue to receive their approved benefits and should be in contact with their healthcare providers to continue their recovery. We understand appointments may take longer during this pandemic but your recovery and eventual return to work remain our priority. If you have questions about your benefits or recovery, please contact your claim handler at (800) 660-1306.

Our Loss Control staff also are delivering services remotely. With so much of the workforce operating from home (or having to be mindful of hygiene and contact if they are at the office or work site), we suggest you re-emphasize that safety comes first. At-home workers need to be sure they are employing standard ergonomic practices. Desks, computer monitors, keyboards and other work station tools should be adjusted just as they are in the office. Even a few weeks of poor ergonomics can result in soft tissue injuries that are otherwise easily preventable. Please use the following guidance to share with your co-workers. Also, don’t hesitate to contact our Loss Control team for  an e-ergo assessment of your at-home work station.


Assessing My Home Office
This document provides guidance on setting up an ergonomically correct home office.

CDC's Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers