Never wait when injured with MEMIC’s First Call telehealth

First Call 24/7 Injury Triage by MEMIC

We all know workplace injuries sometimes occur, despite our best efforts to keep each other safe. When that happens, prompt, efficient injury management becomes the most important factor in achieving the best outcome.

That means connecting an injured worker with appropriate, quality care as quickly as possible.

As MEMIC injury data consistently shows, quick mobilization of a clinical assessment can prevent a minor injury from becoming complex, focuses attention on the wellness of the worker, and potentially saves hundreds of dollars in unnecessary or inappropriate treatment.

Even when working a night shift, or in a remote area where the closest treatment center is an emergency room 45 minutes away, MEMIC provides resources to quickly launch the clinical assessment of an injured worker. One of these resources is our First Call 24/7 Injury Triage line.

The injured worker will speak with a registered nurse who will evaluate the injury and determine the next steps for medical needs. By addressing the injury when it first occurs, the employee receives quick and timely care that can reduce lost work time and costly emergency room visits. There is no additional charge for policyholders who use First Call 24/7 Injury Triage. Additional costs will only be incurred if the injured employee asks for, or is directed to treatment with, a medical provider through our telehealth offering or at a preferred provider location.

Telehealth is a powerful tool that helps provide immediate treatment via a virtual visit with a medical provider, instead of an in-person trip to a “brick and mortar” facility or the ER. Patients and physicians have vouched for the virtues of the virtual visit: no driving to a doctor's office, no missed appointments, no delays in ER waiting rooms, expedited non-narcotic prescriptions and scheduling of physical therapy, to name a few. 

MEMIC policyholders access telehealth visits, when appropriate, after a First Call 24/7 Injury Triage call.

When a work-related injury occurs, managers or supervisors help workers access the injury triage hotline by providing the worker their active MEMIC policy number and the phone number for First Call 24/7 Injury Triage: 1-855-778-6111.

Whether you’re a MEMIC policyholder or not, addressing the injury when it first occurs is considered best practice in workplace injury management, and has consistently been proven to improve outcomes for both the injured worker, and for their employer. 

Do your best to prevent all injuries, of course. But, if they happen, take advantage of First Call 24/7 Injury Triage. Visit to learn more. If you’re a MEMIC policyholder, request a 24/7 Injury Triage Resource Kit and get started right away. Or to request more information, send an email to