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Seeing Stars on Ice

With all 50 states reporting temperatures below freezing on Tuesday, November 18th, ‘tis the season to pay special attention to the condition of outdoor surfaces underfoot. Indeed, it seems that Old Man Winter has descended upon us suddenly and with...

General, Slips, Trips & Falls, Outdoor Safety  •  November 23, 2014

Sun Safety: Got You Covered! -Part III

Many times we will find ourselves outside in an environment where the area around us conspires to increase our risk of skin damage. The last Sun Safety blog, Fan of the Tan, reviewed risk factors that put you at greater risk for sun damage. This in...

General, Outdoor Safety  •  July 09, 2014

Sun Safety: Fan of the Tan? -Part II

Centuries ago, tans were looked down upon by the upper classes, and fair, pale skin was considered the most beautiful. Tans were the mark of the working class laborer, while the wealthy stayed indoors, keeping their skin covered and protected. In the...

General, Outdoor Safety  •  July 07, 2014

Sun Safety: Just the Facts -Part I

Fact or Fiction - How would you answer these questions?

General, Outdoor Safety  •  July 03, 2014

Bug Sprays Are Not All the Same

As we enter the summer season it’s time to consider how to best protect outdoor workers. One of the most important defenses in our arsenal against insects and vector diseases is insect repellants.

General, Logging, Outdoor Safety  •  May 21, 2014

Dress for Winter Success

Working during the winter months can provide many opportunities to be outdoors when it is very cold. While outdoor winter work is necessary, not being prepared for the cold challenge can increase your risk for injury.

General, Outdoor Safety  •  January 08, 2014

Throwing Snow Safely

According to a seventeen-year study appearing in the January 2011 issue of the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, injuries and medical emergencies from shoveling snow average 11,500 per year.

General, Outdoor Safety  •  January 06, 2014

Ol' Man Winter Is Comin... Are Your Employees Ready?

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The leaves are down, the pumpkins are just about gone, and the frosty weather is here. Now is the time to ensure your employees are properly trained and equipped to work safely in cold environments.

General, Transportation, Slips, Trips & Falls, Outdoor Safety, Driving Safety  •  November 12, 2013

A Primer on Working in the Heat

Summer often supplies the best weather to be outdoors. It’s also the busiest time of year for many outdoor industries, from construction to agriculture to hospitality.

General, Outdoor Safety  •  July 22, 2013

Are Your Workers Safe Once Outside Your Building? -Part III

Exit discharges must lead directly outside or to a street, walkway, refuge area, public way, or open space with access to the outside. These exit discharge areas must be large enough to accommodate the building occupants likely to use the exit route ...

General, Outdoor Safety, Emergency Preparedness  •  May 31, 2013

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