Celebrate the 4th of July Safely

Every year families and friends gather to celebrate holidays. Vow to make memories you really want to remember.  Let’s make sure we visit family and friends at gatherings rather than in the emergency room.

If you are traveling, plan the trip well and get plenty of sleep prior to driving.  For information about fatigued driving read these tips from the Transport Accident Commission.  Ensure everyone buckles up and the driver isn’t distracted by cell phones or activity within the car.  Alcohol is often a part of holiday fun, but please be responsible. 

Remember to designate a driver, not just for cars, but also for boats, and never drive or ride on an ATV if you have been drinking.     

Food is always a big part of holiday parties.  Just be sure all prepared foods are properly refrigerated prior to serving and kept cool by a bed of ice if left out while serving.  All leftovers should be covered and refrigerated promptly.  Check out this Seasonal Food Safety Fact Sheet from the USDA.     

July 4th is synonymous with outdoor parties and recreation.  All boaters should wear floatation devices.  Be alert for swimmers and any debris in the water that could cause damage or an injury.  Know the water depth where there will be boating or any swimming or diving, and pay attention to the weather forecast.  Use sunscreen and stay hydrated.  The U.S. Coast Guard is a great resource and maintains an online Boating Safety Resource Center

Don’t operate an ATV or other equipment unless you are properly trained, know the limitations of your machine, and wear all appropriate safety gear, especially a helmet.  More ATV safety information is available from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.      

These are a few tips to plan for a memorable July 4th.  Have a fun and safe holiday and take some pictures to capture those memories!