Crossing the T’s and Dotting the I’s in OSHA Training for General Industry

Figuring out the “who, what, and when” on OSHA safety training requirements can be a challenge for employers, especially for small businesses that typically don’t have a full-time safety person on staff. 

General industry employers are broadly defined as places of business that are static in nature and do not include the agriculture, construction, or maritime industries. Failure to provide workers with adequate safety training can result in violation of Part 1910 standards with monetary penalty and, worse yet, could lead to catastrophic injury. 

Sorting out the “who” for safety training is fairly straightforward with regard to employees who can be affected by exposure to hazards on the job.  The “what” and the “when” can be a little more difficult to decipher with a reference to the specific standard’s section on training.  Here's a sample with a partial list:

For the more complete listing as well as more information on training, MEMIC customers can log onto the MEMIC Safety Director resource library. Type the key word "training" into the search field.  Currently, there are 45 results stemming from this word query so a little scrolling is needed.  You can refine the search to narrow the results, but you may be interested in perusing all the “training” hits just to see what’s available.  So take advantage and get a jump start on your safety training and compliance needs.