New, Easier-To-Use Online Claim Reporting at MEMIC

PORTLAND, ME, November 1, 2011–MEMIC launched today an enhanced online application that will improve the way policyholders report workplace injuries online.

The new First Report of Injury on has a clean new look and more user-friendly features such as a simplified injury list, a multiple page layout and pre-filled contact information for registered users. Creating a First Report account also saves users time by saving unfinished reports for 24 hours. And, as always, MEMIC secures all data using industry standard encryption.

More online services and improvements are due to be unveiled. MEMIC plans to offer online billing and payment and premium audits by the end of the year.

MEMIC policyholders who wish to report an injury online should visit with as much gathered information about the accident and injury as possible, including date of injury and date notified of injury, and should not delay in reporting. Many states require reporting within 24 hours.


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