Ouch, I Hurt My Back: “I Didn’t Do Anything Differently”

Man holding lower back due to pain
Time: 10:00-11:00 AM EST
Type: Webinar

Do you do manual work or just a lot of sitting? Then this presentation is for you.

In our lifetime, most of us will experience low back pain.  When injured workers are asked what caused the issue, answers vary from, “I just was lifting.” to “It just happened and I’m not sure what I did”. 

What causes this powerful part of our body to breakdown?

During this session, Al Brown, PT and Director of Ergonomics at MEMIC will look at how the back is put together, back development from birth to adulthood, and the effect of the transition to sedentary work. He will also explore how unconscious behavior and the little things are often the greatest contributors to back injury.  Finally, Al will outline strategies to reduce the risks and exposures of back injuries in the workplace.